Late Late Show - Tubridy Terror


That young scientist lad was top-class.

Made clean shite of Tubbers too.


Liam Neeson looks fairly shook.

Edit: still very coherent and interesting.


Intriguing insight about the role in Schindler’s List.


Was class in fairness, Tubridy had no part in it, he just gave a great honest interview.


Who is this cunt?


Ah lovely Maura Devane is on, ill be thinking of her now when I’m above on the missus later on


Whats thi s about?


This Kavanagh cunt is becoming a staple of Irish chat shows.


I’d say he’d leave the back door open alright.


Giving out about cycling now the fat cunt. And that puff only sits on dick not saddles.


Who is this homo?


Is he the brother of Conor McGregors coach


The grey haired fella reminds me of @backinatracksuit


It’s possible McGregors knack sister is considered a celebrate by RTE


Fuck it, she’d be better than this dross.


Maura devane speaks tons of sense


They just robbed that segment off Room 101


The grey haired fella talks a lot of sense.


What age is she?


Tubridy is failing to mention 23,000 murders in Mexico last year.