Late Late Show - we go again

Love island
Aisling Bea
Keith Barry

Ffs sake

I’d say you got no further than the cub scouts.

He definitely got to a few beavers


I was a senior sixer in the cubs … I served 2 tours in the FCA, made it to camp in Clonmel and survived ---- … along with the elder Hannon cc @anon78624367


A stone cold fucking legend

Maura on now.

Aisling Bea is a reasonably succesful Irish comedian who isnt on the telly here all that much. Not sure iv seen her on any chat shows before

The accent is savage

Does she make you wish you were 50 years younger


Maura looks like one of those wooden Russian dolls

I know who she is.

I used to love 8 out of ten cats does countdown until she went on it.

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What religion will Sinead O’Connor be tonight?

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She’s gas

A ticket

Lewis Capaldi will wreck the place. I bet Tubs won’t interview him

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There’s a fat bird waiting to break out there.

She’s grand if she can avoid the crassness

I don’t doubt it. Just thought she was an ok guest to have on

Lewis Capaldi is on as well. I hope they interview him hes not what Id have expected

What the fuck is she shiteing on about here?

He’s fucking brilliant

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