League of Ireland 2020 - The Greatest Basket Case League In The World

Shamrock Rovers B accepted in to the First Division to replace Limerick

Will they be treated as a separate club regards transfers to Rovers A or will they basically be a Rovers reserves?

Rovers reserves ,and unfair to the other teams

Extremely unfair

How so?

They’ll get to use the B team as reserves at LOI level. They’ll get to blood young lads in a second team.

Also, no other team has this capability.

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Dundalk, bohs and a few more do. I don’t see it as unfair. It makes sense really and happens in loads of leagues around the world.

Not that I care much, but this should be given over to a separate club and not somebody’s reserves. Terrible decision.

I’d agree but are there many clubs looking for it? Most of them struggle financially in that league

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The LOL.

Dundalk and bohs don’t have B teams in the LOI.

It happens in Spain and is a huge advantage for Barcelona and Real Madrid.

I’d agree with this article.

The league really doesn’t need another Dublin club, but then as someone else said who else could step in at short notice? Is this just a one year thing and they’ll step back out if limerick can sort themselves out for next year I wonder? If not will limerick be able to get back in next season even if they do manage to sort themselves out?

They were already in it for a year in 2014. It’s just a stop gap for a year I’d say to make sure the league runs with an even number of teams

The division one clubs are completely against it, but they just went ahead with it anyway and fuck them :rofl:

SRFC are the only club with a decent academy, good to give our youngsters an opportunity to play in the LOI

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jamie Mcgrath gone to st.mirren
grand player that lad

Would St. Mirren pay more than Dundalk?

first of all no decent intermediate clun in their right mind would want to join the LOI div 1
where would the finance come from ?
take cobh wanderers of UCC for example , they’d probably win it but these are lads who work , study - how they afford to ballbofey or united park on a friday night?
wanderers are a thriving club, big in the community , local players and board - stepping into LOI div 1 would just ruin the team and more impantly the club

la liga use B teams - the first div has no value anyhow barely 100 ppl attend cobh athlone wexford, limierick are gone - no one cares about the league - its got the longest off season in europe and the standard is MSL LSL is higher

i dont know man
but what i do know is he has a 2.5 year contract - he does ok , he might get get a contract with heart , ayr or aberdeen
if peak 6 up sticks and go dundalk are done - its a very real risk

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Would most LOI players be on 1 year contracts these days ? I assume Dundalk and Shamrock Rovers can do better .