League Sunday Thread


Unreasonably so. Brolly making a decent point there too.


Brolly is no Joe Lennon on the rule book.


A man who knocked out mike Tyson grew up in them houses .


Jaysus you’d miss Joe’s workshops on Sports Stadium all the same.


Cantwell needs the bullet and fast, back to post game interviews with her.


Donie Smith the dirty cunt.


That was nasty by Donie Smith

CC @gilgamboa you said last night it was Donie Shine?




You replied in a thread I was commenting in. I remember you saying it was Donie Shine because I have had dealings with the man in the past, and will again in the future, and thought I must ask him about it.


Did he want his oul lobby washed down?


Thats a very sinister comment, but not as sinister as @gilgamboa’s claim.


The GGA lads are circling the wagons already




Tessio in omertà mood here .


Trying to blacken Donie Shine’s name. Why would you do that?


Tessio could do with trimming the eye brows, a weeks work there for a strimmers


Seems to be an awful fucking eejit


Reape loves a goal, if he can make it, he will be a huge boost to Mayo.


Donie not that type of player.


Higgins did well not to bury Donie Smith there.

CC @gilgamboa SMITH.