League Sunday Thread


It doesn’t sound like something I would do tbh pal


No you did, I remember you doing it.


I dont. Odd.


Put Andrew Colgan on the list of gobshite keepers there @myboyblue


For a lad whose pace is gone Andy Moran has some knack of getting out in front of his man.


Fionn McDonagh reminds me of the blue panther.


Whelan and Kavanagh have been hanging around with Des Cahill too much. They both have the heads dyed off themselves.


Joanne is settling into her new role very well.

Cahill should be moved on as well.


Shes saucy enough.


She’s definitely an improvement.


Joanne is on top of her brief.


Ciaran Whelan has aged something terrible since the All Ireland Final last September 1st.


Ken looking very well here.


I know it’s been said before, but that pitch in PUC is outrageously bad.


we d never be so lucky


Not only is the pitch diabolical but the terraces already look very grotty and run down.


Shocking mistake from Nash.


That was a lovely assist there from Conor McDonald for Daniel Kearney


That pitch is an absolute disgrace.

Very embarssing for Frank and co.


Darragh being very nice to McShane there calling him a quality forward. Awful miss.

Christ, Morgan made a balls of that Roscommon goal. A bomb scare.