League Sunday Thread


Morgan the diving punk :smile:


Did he kick a point from play? Bernard Flynn almost lost his life on rte 1.

Bernard sounds awful dim, he gets excited about the least little thing


He did, he can save fuck all so its probably good for him that he can kick a score.

Jesus though, that dive. Embarrassing.


Holy Mary and fuck, that Galway number 4.


Cavan ref doing Tyrone games is a joke gane them everything. Absolute brain dead from gaa and clear biased from refs


Geographically speaking Cavan would be closer to Roscommon than Tyrone, so not sure what you’re point is?


I don’t have any problem with the female pundit tonight.


I never remember Limerick playing in Nowlan Park before


Summer 17 . Qualifier .


She’s doing well to nurse what’s below the view of the camera


The lads having a good laugh at Jackie Tyrell here.


fine woman


Should Eddie be packing in the pundit gig while over Laois?


Gillane the best player on display today & MOTM without question.


Just about to post the same thing. Unusual for a current manager to be a pundit.


First mistake by the lovely Aislinn, crediting Hanley rather than Boylan with a goal.


Its only Leix he’s managing in fairness


Second mistake. She called Paul Browne Pat Browne


What about Kilkenny for that second goal? A botched short puck out, one defender gives Mulcahy three or four attempts to pick it up, the full back lies down and lets Boylan walk past him and some other fella comes across and then turns his arse on the shot.


Both goals were awfully defended . Lk were good today but kk were an utter shambles .