Leitrim Football 2017


I could say I’m racking my brain to give they correct year but never would be the result.

We’ve been there in 94 and a minor semi some years later.

I was at the 56 minor final for a mauling from Dublin and an NFL semi against Derry a few years later. We’ll probably contest a q/f this year but that’s the limit of my expectations. :wink:


John Harrington had a good piece of GAA.ie once upon a time as well. He seems like a gentleman, and what a journey. Great to see him get to hurl in Croke Park. When you think that Laois’ Willie Hyland never did, it just goes to show what a story this really is.


Good interview with him onRTE 1 about a month ago. Possibly Ray Darcy in the afternoon. Zac’s a good dude.


Derry was 58 wasnt it and the minors were up against the great Corman mcAnallen and his tyrone team in 98 the same year we lost young mcgettigan and they lost a goalie .Ladies won an AI in 88 iirc


His phone will be hoppin mad now for a few weeks.Some ladon the paper review on OTB a couple of sundays ago actually mentioned Zac and how he would make a great profile piece rather than the bland killkenny/tipp/cork lad who supposes everything and says nothing,


Yeah just day trip. Will hopefully have a jar/chat in clubhouse before or after. Bookies have Over reacted to Mulligan injury. We’ll win well


Spot on. They were a good Derry team with McKeever and Sean O’Connell


I hope so. Driving from Dublin to Leitrim to hurl is different gravy.


Beats getting hacked/hanged /shot in bagdad I SUPPOSE


Ah well, lets not get carried away here.


The last time @LeitrimGAA Hurlers played in Croke Park was 34 years ago in an Under 16 C All-Ireland Final



Getting blown up in Baghdad or hurling in Leitrim is like being stuck between Iraq and a hard place.


I see what you did there,that buff fella has nothing on you.I doubt his quips would be as good as that.


There will be an Official Leitrim Supporters Function in The Six Bells, 211 High Street, Acton, on Saturday night May 27th from 9pm and on Sunday night from 5.30pm til late.

Special Guest on Saturday night will be John O Mahony.

All details relating to these nights are contained here

Acton FFS could they go any futher out.


Is JOM backing Coveney ??


I think so,he was out and about with him yesterday


A few reviews for this place,have you ever been here @Boxtyeater?
one of the best run pubs in ealing nice landlord and nice dinners too you should try it sometime
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star_man - 13 Jul 2013 23:01
Worse pub I’ve been to in a while. Service was terrible. Young fella with tattoos served me, tried talking to him but he wasn’t interested, in fact he was very rude. Wasted money in there, never to go back. Don’t live in the area but stay from time to time and have been to a few of the pubs, they are all friendly and the staff seem to have time for you except this one. Pub was nearly empty, wonder why. To be avoided!
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Vincent_Vegas - 11 Oct 2011 09:56
Probably my favourite pub in acton after a pub crawl. I dont know why really as it wasnt anything special but just a good place to have a drink. Some bloke in there was so p1ssed he was saying he couldnt work out what end of the pub he was in ha ha!
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pompeyron - 26 Sep 2011 17:07
every time i am in acton i call in here, i keep quiet but i think they think i am a bit of an egit, i was singing irish songs the other day, brought tears to me eyes, oh well ime back to afghanistan next week(2 para)
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formworker123 - 9 Sep 2011 18:45
Good old school Pub. Nothing fancy, just comfortable.
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doolally - 10 Sep 2010 00:00
great local is john and cathie still there?
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mickh - 21 Jun 2009 13:35
I thought that I�d stepped back in time when I walked in here, especially when I noticed the Mcewan�s tap on the bar. The other selections of draught are nothing out of the ordinary, but they do sell Webster�s Draught Bitter which I�ve not seen before.

There are a couple of plasma screens and small TVs and also a pool table around the back of the pub before the generously sized gent�s toilet. The music was very loud for the afternoon, but my nan would have loved it.

The landlady was very nice, as were the couple of locals that I met making my visit very pleasant.
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Strongers - 9 Mar 2009 12:17
A good, old fashioned Boozer. Nothing fantastic, but nice and clean. Clientele are generally over 60. Food is quite good.
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anonymous - 26 Aug 2008 20:02
A fantastic boozer, this place is full of characters, I was made to feel very welcome. The bar staff will have a chat with as do the locals. Don’t expect a modern interior, it old and looks tired, but some how this adds to the attraction of the place
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bryan - 7 Mar 2006 16:35
Nice old ‘real pub’. Went on a Friday night once & they had live Irish music. It’s a laugh even though the pub ain’t particularly modern or stylish. Plenty of elderly Irish women who pull you up to dance . they do food but never eaten there, trad stuff like boiled bacon, Sunday roasts etc.
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garbus - 9 Sep 2005 15:50
Lovely pub with loads of character. A proper place to get really lashed. No half measure here.
Good for: weekend evening piss up.
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Warwickshire can wait men.

We need to take out the big lads first.