Leitrim Football 2017


What’s going on @thedancingbaby


Connacht SFC Semi-Final: Roscommon 2-23 Leitrim 1-9


Who does we fancy in the back door


Time to switch back to Mayo or ABD.


What ?


Ah listen mate. It’s time to be realistic. We are miles behind the rest of Connacht (excluding London and NY). The gap is only widening. Time for a ‘B’ Championship.


Its looking like it alright.



With every year it’s getting worse and it’s killing morale even at club level.


Okay…That’s finally that with this bunch. Not faulting the lads who togged out, the “management” or even the dreaded County Board. We’re out of our depth even in Connacht. Players who disavow a B c/ship are wrong.

The problem, as I’ve stated here before is our inability to breech the invisible 12 point Maginot line. Our Connacht final win of '94 was 0-12 to 1-08 or thereabouts. The s/f agin the Dubs totalled 1-09 same as today.

I’m looking at them for more than 60 years and no sign of a replicate McGarty. My eyes may be dimmed and wet with tears of years of failure and yet I can envision him still in his halcyon days - the soar and fetch, the shoulder drop and he’s away…a dummy swerve - a reverse off-load to/from Cathal Flynn and the white flag flies…

Fuck me the defeat is hard to swallow tonight, but the memories will last out my time…

Many’s the county has their treasures but none will ever surpass Packy McGarty.


If a B championship isn’t brought in for the bottom 12 or 16 teams then we’re going to have to seriously look at amalgamating with Sligo.We do it for soccer.Look at the Kennedy cup team last week for example.


I think a c championship should be brought in for us


Of course when the option of a B Championship was floated amongst the players previously by the GPA, it was thrown out.

Look at the Tommy Murphy cup - ultimately a failure.

The feedback from the players of the smaller counties is the requirement for games, games and more games. It is understandable given the sheer volume of effort put in only to have two Championship matches and then a massive gap until the next game.

One thing is for sure - the current provincial set up doesn’t lend itself to helping smaller counties. A group system of 8 groups of 4 (a team from all over the country to be drawn every year to play New York), seeded with matches home and away would be my preference. That means that Leitrim would have 6 Championship matches every summer at least. I think such a system then lends itself better to a B competition with the bottom two in each group going into such a competition.

But once Provincial Councils exist then such a change is a long way away.


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If there was a div 5 we’d be in it


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The truth hurts more than anything


A brave effort from Connacht’s whipping boys yesterday.


He’s from Clare mate.


At least we can fucking count to 7