Leitrim Matters


No. The bus will be the best bit of the weekend so I don't want to miss that.


As far as I am aware bro, the only transport would be a locally sourced bus which brings students from Carrick to NUIG. Beware that this is a cunt of a thing and goes in the evening which would undoubtedly be no good to you (there may be an earlier one these days). I can look into it more if you want.

Your best bet is driving. Slow up on the beer the night before, stay for a couple of hours in the next morning and you should be grand.


Cheers. None of that is feasible though.


Well then you're fucked. You just don't seem capable of accepting good travel advice when it's given to you.


It's good travel advice but it's not conducive to me getting maximum enjoyment from my trip to Leitrim.


Have you looked into getting a boat down the Shannon?


Why not get the train/bus to Dublin and onto Limerick? it's about 2hrs .15min on the train for both legs


PM boxty get him to drop ye back down sunday he has fuck all else to do these days,get him a fill a green diesel before ye leave


And he can throw in the John McGahern anecdotes in return for the "diesel"


Why the fuck does he just not drive?

I drove back the next day after Rocko's wedding in West Cork to Dublin. That was tough but that was partly due to the fact that I had @Bandage in the car with me. As I said, slow up around around midnight and take your time in heading away the following morning. Get some food into you before you go. I doubt there will be be many coppers on the roads between Carrick and Limerick.


I presume there's a bus going up that he wants to be on


Think Runt wont miss the session on the bus up is the problem.

I'd be slow to drive these days know two lads bagged th day after weddings rently


Bish bash bosh. Lets be avin you COS.

You are not getting what the man is saying at all at all Farmer. He wants to go UP on the bus as it is usually one of the best parts of the stag drinking and messing on the bus and stopping off a few times on the way. Driving home polluted or not is no big deal to the man.


You didn't even read my posts :mad:

Also, none of you happened to mention a great route of getting a spin to Roscommon Town, and getting a train from there which will have me in Limerick in 3 hours. It's times like this Ben Shermin is sorely missed.


In fairness, why would any sane person suggest going to Roscommon town?


There are no sane people on here


One other observation . Who decides on a stag to slow up on the drink around midnight? confused


Farmer does


Just get a taxi you tight cunt



He's being a right woman. Destroying this noble thread with his bullshit.