Leitrim Matters


Trying to have his cake and eat it yet he won't pay the baker


not sure if serious.......

Hello Mr. Kettle is that yourself.


Is it this weekend you're on the stag @TreatyStones ?

If so, there's trad music galore in Carrick this weekend.

A fest titled Seisiuns by the Shannon :pint:


Great to get the local track on things instead of dealing with spoofers like @farmerinthecity[/USER] and @[USER=189]massey ferguson


well done to Clement Cunniffe on his all star:clap:


Anyone see the story of Frank Costello on Crimecall last night.

Very sad indeed.


Didn't see it but a terrible story.

I'll watch it on the player.


There are some amount of scrotes living around Frank's house. I'd say the guards have plenty of suspects.


I did. Shocking story


Fucking thing isn't on the player.



I note, with the finest and most open opinion, that the controlling interest in one of our two pubs has passed out of the parish for the first time in many lifetimes is disturbing in a way.
That it has gone, to what I would presume to be a friend of @farmerinthecity gives some comfort.
An almost "Celeb Spot" in an earlier incarnation.....Good luck to the man...I'll be supporting him occasionaly, despite he not being of my party.....

Cue Farmer's riposte...


I made reference to it on the Wren thread. We would have had a lot of dealings with the man in question over the last year or so and found him pure sound. Although him and the old lad would not have seen eye to eye politics wise in the past.

Was his pub not run by a Mohill man recent enough - hence the controlling interest was gone to an 'outsider' before JG?


The Mohill man in question is connected via marriage to a native/real owner. Hence I'd view JG as the first non-parishoner to assume control.
All well in your neck of the woods ? You get era' snifter in Cusack's yet or waiting for 2015.....


Grand thanks mate. Mohill was like the old days Stephens night. Got a few Christmas drinks from J&J. Place was wedged. Doing as good as anywhere in the town.


My ol' publican buddy in Glebe St. is far from well :(. Sad really, despite your views of him, he was an alright sort. In the departure lounge I'm afraid.


Ah Boxty - I may have questioned his public house establishment but there he was, one of the first up to offer his condolences in Mohill church when the old lad passed on. A good sort and suffering a horrendous death the poor man.



Ah ffs :smile: - Magaluf :grin:


Utter rubbish again from the Sindo


Claire Gorman or whatever she calls herself from the Sindo has probably consciously booked out her parents B&B for the next 18-24 months after that article.

They are cute hoors up in Leitrim.