Leitrim Matters



Sad news emanating yesterday from Eslin with regard to the passing of the mother of an ex Eslin and Fenagh player. I will be heading west this evening for that removal.

On a brighter note, there was a Eslin Fenagh wedding there recently. I know the Eslin lad very well obviously - a gent. I have only met his bride a few times but she seems a thoroughly alright sort.


Saw that earlier Farmer, I’ll be attending tomorrow. The player mentioned has made a great positive impact in our locality and is indeed an alright sort - as indeed we all are when you get to know us.**

** Until the latter stages of the Intermediate Championship when we invariably turn into dirty fuckers, referee abusers and bitter bastards.


See ye cunts in Carrick Saturday night. :pint:


Read Claire Gormans article above…Unsafe for oul’ lads like me to be in Carrick of a Saturday night…

Enjoy it Har, be sure to get the fodder in the Oarsman, it’s top notch and no oven chips.


Aughawillian calling on Saturday morning as our 1st. All-Star buries he’s mother…RIP.

Ther’ll be some Black Cards in the Mucky Duck agin’ nightfall - by which time we’ll have:

I). Removed the entire County Board.
ii). Murdered John Maughan in the “Flangate Matter”.
iii). Finally exposed them SOH fuckers (all of whom will have to endure it).

A fucking rousing evening beckons… :beer:


A manhunt is underway after three gardai were assaulted with bottles, stones as well as having a dog set on them after a routine stop and search turned violent.

The incident happened yesterday evening in Mahanagh, Drumshanbo, Co Leitrim after gardai pulled over a car that previously failed to stop for them on August 16 last.

The vehicle, believed to be a silver Ford previously attracted garda attention as officers were not satisfied with the ownership details of the car.

In that incident the driver of the vehicle managed to escape when confronted by gardai.

In yesterday’s shocking incident, one young man attacked gardai after being asked to verify details of the vehicle.

Officers responded by producing pepper spray, and the incident turned into what sources have described as a “free for all” when two other men in the company of the young driver of the vehicle also began to assault gardai.

During the assault, the three man gang took up arms and attacked gardai with glass bottles, stones and sticks. A dog was also set on officers, but it is not known if the canine managed to successfully attack gardai.

One of the men was subsequently arrested at the scene after gardai reinforcements arrived to assist their colleagues. The Garda Air Support Unit as well as the Dog Support Unit was also called in to aid in the search for the two men.

A second man was arrested approximately one hour later in a wooded around 7km from the scene of the attack.

Both of these men are currently being detained at Manorhamilton garda station and are expected to appear before a special district court sitting today.

The third man, believed to be aged in his early 20s is still at large. After fleeing in the silver vehicle, he ditched the car and continued his escape on foot.

Gardai have since seized the getaway car which is currently being examined by forensic officers.

A search for the man was postponed last night as darkness fell, but is expected to continue this morning.

Anyone with information is asked to contact officers at Carrick on Shannon garda station, on 0719650510.


FAO @farmerinthecity
The legendary Glebe St. Publican and Drumkeerin native Jim O’Brien is scoffing a few hot ones tonight in the free bar in the Sky.A great oul’ character of whom I was very fond. He treated outliers from Fenagh with courtesy and respect and we reciprocated.
No Fenaghman was ever made feel less than welcome and we’ll show that in the coming days…
RIP Jim.


I wasn’t a frequenter of the pub. Nor was my old lad. But who was one of the first in line to sympathise at the old lad’s removal only Jim.



RIP Jim. Often chatted to himself and Philomena when in Mohill with the uncle.


Most drunkeerin lads are sound


That’s looking at a % thingy to suit yourself. An arguement in Davitt’s has historically proven tricky…Cunts them all…



There’s something amiss here in Leitrim all right.

A car pulled up there this evening and 2 well dressed dudes got out at the gate. Fucking canvassers says I quietly.
Indeed they were.

An harsh knock on the door which aggrieved me instantly.

“Good night Mr.Smark”…Hmmmm. Wrong household.
Yeah lads, howizt going.
We’re canvassing for Gerry Reynolds FG.
Well we know ye’re big supporters of Gerry’s and we’re just calling to confirm your vote.
Thata fact.
Oh yes, Gerry says he sorted out the Group Water Scheme for ye last year.
Really (Boxty has his own water supply)
Anything else we can help with Mr.Smark (used for disguise purposes only) Apologies @Smark
Where are you lads from actually?
Bawnboy (West Cavan) but we’re on Gerry’s team…
Hold on there a minute lads says I…

I retreated in and wheeled herself out to envisage what the current Government are portraying.
Dumb cunts that can’t find the right houses. Bullshit merchants…


Any of you lads familiar with this chap?

[quote]Validity of the Census

Madam, - Permit me through your columns to point to the invalidity of a document purporting to be a valid one, namely the census form of 2006 which declares itself to be a “Census of population of Ireland”.

This is a false declaration as six of Ireland’s 32 counties, covering approximately 6,000 square miles of her 32,000 square mile territory are being excluded in the census. These are counties Antrim, Derry, Down, Armagh, Fermanagh and Tyrone.

For the census to be valid and acceptable as such by this writer, the form must be identified for what it is, a census of 26 counties only. How this is done is a matter for the State census authority, the CSO.

There are three titles of choice, all of which clearly identify the State and have been applied to it at one time or other since the imposition of partition. These are (1) The Irish Free State; (2) The 26 Counties; (3) The Republic of Ireland, per 1949.

With the changes that have been made to Articles 2 and 3 of the 1937 Constitution, relinquishing all claims to approximately 6,000 square miles of Ireland’s territory, the time is here when the State cannot and must not, anywhere or at any time, PROMOTE or identify itself by the unitary name of Ireland. If ever such entitlement existed, which I believe did not, it is no longer a tenable position.

My refusal to complete the census for 2002 and for which I was imprisoned for two weeks was based on my argument that the census form be properly identified. My position remains unchanged. As for census 2006 there is an onus on all of us to question the validity of this questionable questionnaire. - Yours, etc,

DECLAN CURNEEN, Aghamore, Largydonnell, Co Leitrim.[/quote]



North Leitrim expert @Massy is the go-to man in this instance. While I’m familiar with Declan’s ongoing issues I’m not in a position to comment further.
The standard Leitrim answer therefore : No comment.


Lough Rynn hotel is being highly recommended to me this evening, what is the local view?


If it’s good enough for BOD…


Was at a wedding there before. Grand spot, but generally disliked by the locals from anyone I spoke up to up there given its history.


What is the history?


A few aul bucks at the wedding told me stories of the owner back in the day making use of Prima Nocta. Thought they were having me on tbh but heard it after from the groom and a few times since.

Still, I doubt that’ll affect you much.