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I’m not buddy I’m on me holidays


I hear the 11M lotto was won in kinlough


I’ll be spending a few days down that way next week. What are the must do activities? Wife and two kids (8 and 2 years old) in tow.

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If you’re in the north of the county i suppose the usual,glencar waterfall,the devils chimney is a mile or so down from that might be a bit of a hike for the 2 yo.Parkes castle in dromahair,you can get a boat out to inisfree over that way as well on lough gill.Glenade valley/lake is pretty scenic.Theres a big organic food center in Rossinver if you’re into that.The Arigna Mining Experience is worth a look too. As i say if your in the north of the county you’re only a few minutes drive to sligo/donegal or fermanagh too.@boxtyeater will field questions relating to the southern half of the county.


The nearest town to where we are staying is Drumshanbo.


Slap bang in the middle so.Still only 30/40 mins to glencar or dromahair Sligo bundoran or Enniskillen if you want to do a bit of Xmas shopping.


Hmmmm. The missus sort of dropped this on me a couple of days ago that we were heading out there for a few days, be nice to spend a bit of time somewhere picturesque and remote she said. Hopefully there’s no ulterior motives :smile:

Cheers for the replies, will look into getting to as many of those places as possible.


When in Drumshanbo tip into Joe Gunning’s noble hostelry - it’s called Conways actually. It was here the seeds of Leitrim’s “Beergate” experience of a few years ago first surfaced. Moving along check to see if the Drumcoura equestrian centre is open mid-week for business. If so it’s a must for the 8 y/o. Real Wild Western experience there (American as distinct from Leitrim that is).

No visit to that locality is complete without a visit to Tom Prior’s in Ballinamore - loads of GAA memorabilia to see along with top class drink and service.You can see the John Joe McGirl monument at the bottom of the town as you head to the historical village of Fenagh to experience the Abbeys, the famed visitor centre and local hostelrys.

To experience the Ireland of the 1950/60’s a visit to Mohill is a must see - frozen in time in there. You might take a spin out to Lough Rynne Castle hotel if in Mohill - good enough for BOD ao what’s not to like.

Enjoy the visit, you’re probably in the hotel outside Drumshanbo - the Ramada or the Rwanda as the locals call it. A positive report is anticipated…:beer::fork_and_knife:


Arigna well worth a trip. Lough Key park in Boyle , co Ross is well worth a trip .


The top five places to visit in County Leitrim https://t.co/DMpMXTju8T #Leitrim #Ireland #travel
Don’t know if your still there @Matty_Hislop but here’s most of what I posted already.


I’m going this weekend, hoping the mild weather stays!!


That little church in Carrick is a gem.


Its a lovely little spot I’ve been there a few times


Fair play gents a tremendous few days was had. You weren’t lying about that church @Massey, blink and you’ll miss it. We were standing across the road from it in bewilderment saying the map says its right here…

Took a trip to all those towns you mentioned Boxty, some really beautiful little towns full of character, you had Mohill spot on however. Stuck in the 50s, they even had this on sale in one shop window on the Main Street :joy:

Some excellent pubs, Conways in Drumshanbo being our favourite. Left Priors in Ballinamore till last yesterday, was planning on having a bite before we drove home but unfortunately it didn’t open till 4 o’clock, this was the closest we got

Overall a really great trip with the missus wanting to return next summer when the weather is better, nothing wrong with waking up to this view every morning!


Kudos sir


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Leitrim man killed in landslide accident last night https://t.co/CGYeCZS6vZ #Sligo #Roscommon #Leitrim


Carrick On Stag on RTE2 at 9.30 tonight.


It looks cutting edge stuff .


What a shocking name for it.