Leitrim Matters


Moon River mate.

You can go on the beer as well.


Nice one, thanks for the reply!


Just check to make sure that all the puke from the hens has been cleaned up from the previous weekend.


It’s not for me mate, a work colleague is down there this week on my recommendation.


I thought this may be of interest to some of ye Leitrim folk

The Official TFK Ireland 1912-1923 Thread

I heard that mentioned on radio1 last Sunday - thanks for the reminder to listen out for it


Terrific shout Gaillimh… One of the participants (Thomas W Muldoon) bored the head off me during his lifetime in efforts to “engage” the FF party in re-investigating the case.

Talk about Church and State conspiracies. To borrow from Christy Moore - “Leitrim is a very funny place”…


Incredible scenes…

Some cunt is after ringing me accusing me of “being negligent” in not pursuing this issue. He gave his name in fairness, but insinuated that my late father collaborated with the state in suppressing so called vital information.

This murder happened in 1923…How the fuck are they ringing me, granted 1 of the Muldoons (TW - a crank at best) kept scuttering on about it…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Are you drunk


Tell them @farmerinthecity can point them in the right direction


Thank God you’re alive in the aftermath of another windfall for the GAA.

I “might” be half- drunk but I’ll be sober in the morning, possibly. You’ll still be a begrudging cunt tomorrow.



I see Kilty are after getting 6 new families and 30 new kids settling there after the online campaign for people to relocate there.


Saw it on the news, a fantastic initiative that has saved the local school :clap:




And all the scumbags in Dublin living in hotels at the public’s expense. They should be shipped down. Within two generations they’d be functioning members of society.


A bit harsh to say everyone living in a hotel is a scumbag.


Stop lowering the tone Ambrose.


Ah they’re not, of course.


It didn’t work for you.