Leitrim Matters


Was at a funeral in Drumshanbo yesterday.
Leitrim really is a beautiful part of the country.


A few days in Sligo and Leitrim is great .


I’d say so. I’d never spent amy time around that area. I was truly mesmerised by its natural raw beauty. Just as appealing in Winter I’d say. Looking into booking a couple of days around the October bank holiday.
We went to the Loughallen hotel for a meal after the funeral. Unfortunately it closes from October to March. But am determined to get up there for a few days.


You should have called on @Boxtyeater he’d have sorted you out


I also had the pleasure of meeting Eurovision royalty but will not be logging it due to the circumstances.
A massive funeral it was.


Rent a cottage Mike, did it last December just outside Drumshambo.


Good idea. It would a lovely way to bring in the new year.


A thoroughly alright sort. Ambassadorial in fact.

Glad you appreciated our humble surroundings.




3 new families have relocated to our environs in the past month bringing 14 sprogs into the wilds.
The youngsters are excelling themselves, trapping crows in laundry baskets* and excelling in the local school.

The parochial elders organised babysitting arrangements tonight to enable the parents attend a “meet and mingle” event in a local hostelry. This noblest of ideas coincided with a local icons Singer of the Month competition where the laurels went to the wife of one of our new arrivals.

Now Jim generally wins this himself, after a few rounds of voting and several efforts, but tonight he was magnamious in defeat, welcoming in his presentation of the mythical award and a fucking hoor of a night ensued.

Rural Ireland is unbowed, unbroken and unbeatable.

  • A rural custom well recognised here.



Are they foreigners from Dublin or further afield


The Kurds love an auld sing song alright.


Dublin folk, seemingly good sorts. Two of the older chaps, 14/15 sh have a bit of football about them I’m told.



Fucking idiot.




There’s some sort of a miss in this gobshite. He’s as thick as 4 scaffolding planks. I avoid him at all costs cos he’d drive you mental with scutter.


What part of the world is this lad from @Boxtyeater?



An ex-teacher from St Mel’s boarding school in Longford.

He was heavily involved in Ken Loach’s film about Jimmy Gralton from a research perspective.