Lessons for life from self appointed self help gurus


Does that mean I can go for pints tonight?


Yes. It’s December FFS sake, you can go for pints for the next 31 nights and get away with it









FAO of @KinvarasPassion, @gilgamboa, @Ashman.

I always display a positive attitude.
I am optimistic about my life.
I take time to laugh every day.
I am hopeful and optimistic about my future.


Unreal timing pal







Great stuff mate. Forced myself to do 7km in the heat on holidays yesterday even though my body was full of buffets and beers


its what separates you and me from normal people




I want the freedom. I want to unload the mental burden I am carrying around and liberate my mind so I can find myself again


No better way to do that than driving around the Burren out of your mind on yokes.








what book is that mate?

maybe @gilgamboa has the right idea being on the scratcher?


James Altucher - Choose Yourself


“Don’t worry about what you eat between Christmas and the New Year. Worry about what you eat between the New Year and Christmas!”

cc @ChocolateMice, @KinvarasPassion, @gilgamboa.


Whatever gets you through the day buddy