Lessons for life from self appointed self help gurus


His ideas intrigue me. Has he some sort of weekly news letter I could subscribe to?


Incredible. The answer was staring me in the face all along.


Your network equals your net worth.





Anyone hear the interview with Enda McNulty on Newstalk today?

A complete spoofer. Buzz words like they were going out of fashion. “Pre performance rituals”, “performance crucibles” (wtf?!), “the culture”, “marginal gains”, “growth mindset indicators”. It just went on and on.

Molloy licking his hole too all the way through.


It was cringe

Even the tone of his voice is bullshit


thanks to @jodiemarsh



‪Happiness isn’t getting everything you want… It’s enjoying everything that you have. ‬


Jodie Marsh never used the word context once in her life.




Bit like the Oirish. Mad for the craic. Everyone loves them.


Is Jodie self promoting again?


That’s a lovely one mate. Must give you strength on nights you’re feeling lonely for Fintan and he over in Flannans




Reminds me of this.







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whats this about?


Fate, destiny and Determinism, pal. That Kurt Vonnegut quote is a beautiful notion.