Let's put an end to this nonsense - Welsh backers show your support here

Signing in


Signing in.

Signing in.

I’d be a backer to the extent that I fully expect Wales to win.

I’ll be shouting for Ireland though.


Welsh people are cunts.

That is all.

they prob have their fair share alright, same as Ireland

I despise the Welsh. Horrible cunts one and all. Fuck of with your singing you utter shower of woofter cunts and fuck off back to shagging sheep in the valleys. Bastards one and all.

Have to agree with mbb here. Ugly race too, that Jenkins bird aside

i despise the welsh

signing in though

I won’t be lending my support to this thread. Come on the boys in green.

Bragging rights to the Welsh backers.

Ah yes


Ah lovely.