Liam McCarthy 2008 - Time to call it

Don’t want either side to win, and as far as I’m concerned its a pity that Gustav didn’t plan a swing by over Atha Cliath.

But thems the breaks; SO

hard to see past the protected breed, too good, too clever etc etc
but what bate Tip could bate the ugly fuckers

So head on block

Fuck 'em and all that belong to them

Kilkenny by 5 pts

and it won’t be pretty.

Kilkenny by more than 5, if they play to their full potential-more than 10.

I understand the thread title and the last two lines.

Like everyone else I suspect, I hope Waterford win but expect Kilkenny to just have too much for them.

I love these rambling posts. Its like trying to decipher hieroglyphics. A challenge if you will.

For once i thought it was pretty straight forward…

KK by 10 -12 points.

What bate Tipp didn’t bate much on the day as Tipp didn’t show up.

What bate Tipps’ defence hasn’t got a prayer of holding the KK attack.

A hiding awaits…Hungry or Not.

KK at a canter. Blow them out early and Waterford will puff and pant for the remainder and much like KK games recently (Cork, Limerick, Wexford) they’ll up the tempo when necessary. KK by 8

Kilkenny by 6

Hope we are all wrong but KK by 5 or 6

The Loopy “hell for ledder” Leprechaun to be sent home packing by 10 points. Hope them Blaa cunts get hammered (no offence Hangblaa - one of the few sounds bla’s i’ve come across). Hate them sour overhyped fuckers.

[quote=“therock67”]I understand the thread title and the last two lines.

Like everyone else I suspect, I hope Waterford win but expect Kilkenny to just have too much for them.[/quote]

with respect Rocks
you need help to get an email address for the most quoted club on this site.

I understand.

dont hold back there Mac.


Love it.

Someone has to so here goes

KK have bate nothing yet.

In retrospect Cork were poorish all season and were blown out by the time they played KK. Blown off the pitch on the day but hard to tell if it was poor performances throughout the Cork team or outstanding performance form the Cats.

I doubt Davy will let Hennessy drop 15 puckouts down on top of Tommy Walsh. Bar Ben O’Connor would any of the Cork forwards make the KK team? Hardly lads, Waterford forwards are a far superior unit to the Cork attack and have proven all year they know where the posts are.

My heart says Waherfurh all the way, and Id assume most Cork fans are in the same boat. They are cocky fooks alright but sure it adds a bit of colour and does no one any harm, there isnt much whinging out of the Deise players either, well able to mix it.

All reason says KK but I have a feeling since they beat Tipp that there is a AI in WD this year. The Davy factor shouldnt be underestimated.

Genuine best wished to Waterford, IMHO they play the best style of hurling of all teams in the country and it would be great to see a new name on the trophy.

If Tipp were in the final they wouldnt be 10/3, il be having a small nibble at that.

Also maybe more realistic Waterford HT KK Full time is 6.6 on betfair, how many times have we seen teams farting fire early on and succumb to the pressure as the KK machine rolls on?

blass by 3,

I note that those predicting a kk whitewash are a bit light on the ould Vcash

I very much hope that Waterford beat them but I think Kilkenny will win by 6-8 points. Every county gets bandwagoners and I’d much prefer to see genuine GAA folk from Waterford who’ve waited a lifetime for it see their side win an All-Ireland rather than hope they’re deprived of it because of a few dicks who’ve attached themselves to the team. Being from a non-competing county, I’d also really like to see Tony Browne and Ken McGrath especially, along with other lads on their team I respect, get a senior All-Ireland medal. Kilkenny are a machine but they’re joyless bastards. Waterford play off the cuff and with style and panache. Come on the Blaaaaaaaaaas.

[quote=“dancarter”]Someone has to so here goes

KK have bate nothing yet.

but yet Waterford have? Only difference in the opponents was Tipp/Cork. Kilkenny hammered Offaly, Waterford edged past. KK hammered Wexford, Waterford scraped thru by a point. KK hammered Cork, Waterford just got over the line against Tipp.

Fair point Gman, but Waterford have improved every day and I just think KK may be overblown on the back of the performance v Cork.

In fairness they are deserved favourites all the same

Waaahhhhhhhttuuurrrrrrrfuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrd by 2. Kilkenny have it all to blow them out the water, but I’m giving it to the blahs just to be different and because I can feel it in the water.

Kilkenny by 9