Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five


Shaughs was a class above ‘good’ in fairness, not his fault he was a lone shining star on a very mediocre side.


Ashling Thompson has one lads, fucking relax


Probably better off. Hogan was on Matt Cooper’s show with young Flanagan last night reviewing the Shitgibbon and the poor fucker nearly needed an interpreter.


Actually, I think he could and should make one of the best programmes.


Some of the Limerick fans would love Sheedy, they’re stone mad for media bans.


Correct. He was a top player but has also has an interesting story to tell. If the series is going to continue this is where it needs to go, find the guys with stories beyond their lives in sport that will make an interesting programme. Very myopic view from @Mullach_Ide.




Apologies, @the_man_himself I meant, dunno how I managed that one.


I know nothing about his personal life


Watch it then. He’s not had it easy


He was a fucking predator at his peak. Unmarkable. I’ve heard he is one of the most decent men you’ll ever meet. Kept his counsel through awful times.
I bet he has a nice manner in the deli queue, which is the main thing round here cc @bandage


Agreed, some of these Dublin footballers could finish their careers with 10 All-Ireland’s but there won’t be a frantic rush to listen to them on their future Laochra Gael talking about following the process and how they took it one game at a time…


A shur look, I suppose.


“We weren’t taking (insert midland shithole county here) for granted” before going on to beat them by 20 points


Smashing article, seems like a dead on lad. Good to see his ambition to add more scoring in the coming year. I thought he had a more mixed season last year than some did but he clearly has massive potential and I think there’s a lot more to come from him.




Tankardstown boy. One of our own.


This lad is fairly full of his own shit.


My thought also.


Mentality is everything between winning and losing at least this Limerick team has shed the woe is me shit we had for decades.