Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five


No harm in the run bud. It’s great to create space. If his touch was that bit sharper he’d be able to kill it and turn instead of touching it out away from goal and having to throw it over. Bar the Cork game he didn’t really go mad scoring in the championship this year. He has a lot of improving to do


Jaysus I peeped into the tailend of this thread and thought ye were talking about Mick Mackey.

A scroll back and I discovered Flanagan was the player under discussion. Not quite Mackey yet but shur if it amuses ye carry on.

I hope it stays fine for ye going forward.


Sure Mikey has his u21 all Ireland got. I don’t reckon he’ll make a senior panel though


You’re closer to the truth there alright.


You’re not wrong, he wasted a lot of shots and i wouldn’t consider him near the best natural striker of a ball.
Plenty to work on. His pace and the fact he’ll go all day is what I love about him.


Flanagan is fast becoming a media magnet because he says what he thinks, he’s not going to give clichés. He comes from straight talking stock and there’s no bullshit, he’s calling it as he sees it. The lad doesn’t lack any confidence so if people are expecting a typical “Ah sure look” type of mundane shite they’d be better off looking elsewhere.

Refreshing to read and hear to be honest. For too long we had the poor mouth. We want to smash every cunt in the country now and we’ve no problem in saying it either. Sure, we’ll have our fall from grace at some stage but we’re going to enjoy the ride while we’re at it.

Better than the fuckin apes in Tipp banned from drinking at weddings and speaking to the media in January :rollseyes: #HeilSheedy


I disagree. In general, our forwards aren’t particularly stylish. They’re all very skilful in their own way, and can all take a score but Flanagan is probably the most rounded, bar Peter Casey.


Mackey (nor any Limerick hurler afaik), never won two in a row though, so it’s understandable the excitement that’s building about this current group of supermen that will win 3/4/insert whatever number you like.




So be it sure. But the young lad is only telling the truth, he isn’t afraid of any team, he thinks Limerick will out work everyone else and he basically has said fuck everyone else. If you want to hang him for it work away. I find it refreshing. Would you prefer him to be a boring cunt like Ciarán Kilkenny?


There’s always a Tipperary angle with you. You need to calm down and enjoy the arrogance squads rein of terror.


Do you mean ‘reign’ pet?


Pathetic from Sheedy to ban the player from talking to the media about hurling in January but he can talk about anything else, what’s he going to talk about to the reporters the weather or maybe brexit? Sheedy had no problem filling his trousers pockets the last few years from the media and public events though.


Its one of these weird angles that GAA managers take that they think gives them an edge, like drink bans, that professional teams dont really bother with. It shows an utter contempt for the intelligence of your players


It’s a bit easier to out work everyone wheb you have a manic hunger like Limerick had. The real challenge will be the sustain that work rate when you already have a medal in your pocket.



Tom Humphries mate weasling his way back into a punditry gig too.

From The Indo.

The All-Ireland hurling and football champions Limerick and Dublin will get RTé’s new live Allianz League coverage under way on successive weekends in February.

It follows an agreement with the GAA and current rights holder for Saturday night league matches, eir Sport, which will see the national broadcaster show four league games live this spring.

That agreement was hammered out as part of discussions over coverage of the Rugby World Cup in Japan later this year where RTÉ agreed a sub-licensing deal with eir to show 14 games, including all of Ireland’s games, which must, under regulation, be free-to-air.

Limerick hurlers’ first home league game, against Tipperary on Saturday, February 2, will start the coverage with Dublin footballers’ visit to Tralee to play Kerry seven days later also on the schedule.

Dublin’s home fixture with Mayo in Croke Park on February 23 is also thought to be part of the four-game spring package. Eir is to remain as the host broadcaster and will also show these games live. Eir will show up to two games every weekend until the end of March.

A new five-year TV rights deal was agreed in 2017 and will remain in place until that expires in 2022.

Further changes to RTé’s GAA coverage are expected in 2019 with Dónal óg Cusack and Kevin McStay expected to return as analysts.

Meanwhile, the Ladies Gaelic Football Association have confirmed that Dublin will play double-headers with their male counterparts in Croke Park in February.

They face Donegal on February 2, prior to Jim Gavin’s side meeting Galway, while their game with Mayo will precede the Dublin-Mayo clash on February 23.


Sangwidge fillings


I don’t mind Cusack returning as a pundit, he was good. McStay says what he thinks as well. I suppose lovely Derek McGrath will get a run out this year as well.


Cusack is a creep and I’ll be refusing to pay my tv licence again this year.


Dead right. What kind of manager thinks a player will be showing up to training scuttered if he hasn’t some ban in place? Treat them like adults at least.