Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five


They are tipp lads to be fair


In fairness to him he is only expressing his Limerick-ness.


Fair comment


Actually, now that you mention that shite Tracey Kennedy came out with about Corkness, did that garner any attention or comment/lambasting on here, I wasn’t on the INTERNET yesterday until late last night due to real life shite


It’s a great document, a TFK poster should be very proud of his contribution to it


This time last year not many had seamus flanagan in their 30 man squads. He took his chance In the Munster league. It was a big step from being sub on a 21 team to playing senior hurling. As like most fellas you’ve to crawl before you walk and flanagan took time to find his feet. His display v Galway in the leagud probably being the highlight . He didn’t go to ard scoil ris so there will always be a certain agenda from certain limerick supporters against him. His display v cork was one of the highlights of the year for me. Not for skill on show but the selflessnes and honesty of his effort. He gave everything for the cause and more. Literally died with his boots on. I thought it was a boys became men display that day. Things didnt quite work out for him against kk but it wasn’t for lack of effort. He had a key role in the goal v cork and worked his arse off to allow gillane perform. His hit on mcinerney was a bit like when the ants realised they could take down the grasshoppers in bugs life. A pivotal moment in our win. We weren’t going to stand down and be bullied. So called limerick fans can slag off seamus flanagan all they want but they don’t really get it. Everything that’s good and different about this limerick team is represented in his performances.


Limerick have never, and will never, win anything without West Limerick men


But just the one thanks. And Adare is not in the West.


That’s some pile of scutter in fairness


The tweeness is dripping from it.

It’s plain as day the winners of the Hurling & Football senior titles were both Financially Doped to the ears.
Amateurs in name only as the two squads have the advantage of Professional setups behind the scenes that other counties can only dream of.

As for Flanagan, he’s a real top top bloke alright. He made up for lack of skill all the year by running away from goals making space for others and running full backs out of position.
Pity he hadn’t the guts to give that effort to the U21 management against Tipp in Thurles as opposed to trotting around the place totally disinterested. :man_shrugging:
The Hunger was absolutely dripping off him that night. ( To be fair to him, Kyle Hayes put in a serious shift that night )


I did yeah.


The bitterness is dripping from it😂


Sorry that I missed the funeral. They do right good ones in Whest Limerick


@Esso_Oil has been getting horribly wrong on seamus flanagan for 12 months.


It’s a completely different challenge alright. If the work rate drops, we haven’t a hope. Tipp worked like dogs in 2016 and it definitely dropped the year after, Galway the same 2017 & last year.

At least the players seem very aware of that, and again, it has to be competition from within and ruthlessness from management to drive that hunger to work.


That’s it. It’s manic work rate that pulled us through. Our 3 goals v Galway in the final cane turn overs inside our own 45. We don’t have the skill to beat teams without our hunger. The players are facing into a huge slog for 6 months now.


@Fagan_ODowd has been like old crazy Ralph from the original Friday the 13th movie in here since last August, little blue Waterford bike and all!


@glasagusban @Jahan @Esso_Oil lapping it up then. Hopefully flanagan wins hurler of the year to sicken these cunts even more.


Lazy opinions being thrown out all over the place here lads.

"Galway didn’t work hard enough in 2018… Limerick don’t have the skill to win an All Ireland without manic hunger. "

A complete load of absolute bollocks in here this morning.

Some of ye need to up yere posting workrate, be Seamie Flan


Not really that Galway didn’t work hard enough. It’s just that limerick worked harder than them. Bar kk and tipp nobody wins all ireland without a manic work rate. They have vastly more skilful players and when they get their work rate and teams right they invariably meet in the final.