Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five


I call that heresy. Any KK team with Walter Walsh on it cannot be deemed skillful, the big ape.

Skills is such a broad church mate? Where exactly do we fall down as opposed to the two you mentioned, I’d be particularly interested in how we aren’t as skillful as KK


Limerick completely outworked Galway in the 2018 final, we got a ridiculous amount of scores from turnovers. Tipp completely outworked Kilkenny in 2016.


Bollocks kid, Galway’s extra game was a massive disadvantage. They definitely dropped slightly off in the execution from 2017 but they’ll very nearly pipped ye in the Final.
Cork for all their Squad flaws had ye flailing in the Semi Final.

The way Flanagan is waffling you’d swear he was a member of the Great KK team of the late 2000’s :smile:

I’d say John Kiely is delighted with all his interviews too.



Our touch, striking and really just the basic skills. Kk have their worst team in 15 years we beat them by two points. Cody is getting far more out of that team than they should.


He is some man for the stats.


they are no more or less skillful thank Limerick


Not really but flanagan proves that if you work really hard you’ll succeed. Something limerick have failed miserably at for years. Theres lots of lads that have more ability than flanagan in limerick but nobody was going to work as hard as him.


So Galway and KK worked as hard but couldn’t turn it into scoring chances


They are vastly more skilful hurlers.


Bollocks. Absolute Bollocks. Sorry but it is.


I’ve no issue with Flanagan Hurling wise, he’d be better off remembering the U21 campaign before telling every Journalist who’ll listen that Workrate won’t be matched v LK.


Yeah, I don’t agree that they have more skilful hurlers than us.

But these days, it’s rare that you can carry a player without huge work rate.


That @AppleCrumbled has some horn for the young Flanagan.


Flanagan has a horn for himself.


He was shit that day, no doubt. But maybe that cemented the realisation in his own head that you can’t coast along.


very few senior inter county players don’t.


He’d serious issues with the u-21 management, was very close to pulling out of it altogether!


What exactly am I lapping up? Elements of your post are absolute nonsense.

I thought Flanagan had a fantastic year, with a great mix of scoring ability, physicality and work rate. It’s a long time since I’ve seen a Limerick full forward give a display like he gave in Cork. Even better, he still has a huge amount of unfulfilled potential. He appears to be well aware of that himself, even if you are not.

Do you really think that hurlers that didn’t attend Ardscoil Rís have an agenda against them? You have a bit of growing up to do.

By the way, if he literally died with his boots on, then he would be dead.


You spent years rolling your eyes and laughing at us when all we had was a little bit of underage success. We were sniggered at for blowing players up based on underage performances. Maybe rightly so. Now, when it suits you, you are using one underage game as a stick to beat an All Ireland Senior medal winner with :man_shrugging: