Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five


Yes there’s a massive agenda against lads that didn’t attend ard scoil ris. Look at the standards @glasagusban holds seamus flanagan to compared to shane Dowling.


I personally think limerick will find it tough this year. We’re playing catch up already and its only January. We do have a joker in the pack in pete Casey and if gillane turns into the player we hope we could knick a few wins a long the way but it’s going to be very tough particularly the league and Munster.


I’d agree. Flanagans interview was stupid and he’d be as well to shut up than talking about Clare. Looks at codys Kilkenny. They always done their talking on the field.


Seamie got 0-11 from play in the Championship this year.
Shane got 1-07 from play in the Championship this year. In much less minutes. Much less.

I’ve removed the Carlow game from the count.

Seamie had an unbelievable year setting up scores and was vital to the game plan all year with his ability to run hard for long periods of time.

Shane had an unbelievable year coming off the bench and getting big scores when required.

Both played a big part in our success this year, there is absolutely no need for nit picking between them.


Munster is an absolute bear pit.

Anyone of the teams could come out of it. You could play well and still come up short.


I’m just saying seamus is held to different standards than Dowling.


by who? how?


Who How Dow


So you’re continuing this nonsense?

The only standards that actually count are those of the management. Flanagan played every game this year and Dowling was used as a key impact player. I don’t think Kiely decided this was the correct approach based on their schooling.

There’s no fucking agenda.


Glas for one and a small element of limerick supporters. Lads like @Jahan and @Esso_Oil too . Look at ronan lynch. Every excuse under the sun is made as to why he isn’t cutting it. Very few bar Elvis say the real reason. A fella like David reidy Whos an outstanding hurler would be fired into the scrap heap by a lot of limericks fans.


I’m talking about fans. Thankfully kiely picks on merit for the most part.


what standard do you want Flanagan held to?

He’s a young lad in his first year of inter county. He had a good year.

Shane has been having good years since he started wearing the Limerick jersey. It would be unfair to base them from the same standard. Flanagan has a lot to do yet.


@AppleCrumbled I’ve given my opinion on Flanagan above. What exactly do you take issue with?


glas is lining up one here for episode 312336767 of apple vs glas.


Bumbles likes to make up things that people say and then disagree with the things that he made up. Like all the times he got “lambasted” for blah blah blah. Bumbles likes to allege that various people have agendas but yet he is one of the very few fellas on here that engages in nasty and personal criticism of players, including underage players. Bumbles is a liar and a hypocrite.




Incorrect. I’ve no agendas at all. You hold certain players to an extremely standard. Which doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is you don’t hold the players from your own club to the same high standards. This deeply sickens as it’s very unfair.


The lads will save this forum yet :popcorn:


lads, can we give this little rodeo a skip? Ye’ll both just pick away at each other with nothing we haven’t heard before. While mildly amusing, it’s utterly pointless


Dowling was pretty useless between 2015 and 2018 but you’ve glossed over that. Flanagan has a 6 out of 10 game and people want him dropped. As I said he’s held to different standards.