Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five


Will ye shake hands lads? :handshake:


Haboy the kid. I knew it was coming when I seen the avatar.


Shane was our top scorer in 2015 with 2-25 and again in '16 and you guessed it, again in '17.


You do understand that it’s possible for different people to have different views on aspects of sport? It’s part of what makes sport interesting.

You’ll find I’ve mostly praised Flanagan. He had a mixed, but overall good championship. It included some games where he was good and some where he was useless.

The only thing sickening is your nasty and personal abuse of players including underage players. I’ve never abused any player.


Caveat: I have abused tipp players who are criminals.


Ah stop that’s not fair, those facts don’t suit his agenda.


I said some awful things about Niall Moran below in Thurles one year when he tried to get Brendan Bugler sent off instead of taking the head clean off him.

I’ll take them to the grave with me


Imo Dowling best years was 2013 and 2018. He didn’t get within an arses roar of that level in 2015 to 2017. He put in some disgraceful performances in that period too. All that’s glossed over. He’s held to a different standard than other players.


Take of the blue tinted glasses. You got flanagan all wrong. You are limited human so you can’t simply admit you got it wrong. So you give him faint praise like I’m surprised he scored so much from play etc etc. If flanagan was playing for nap and put in the same performances for limerick you’d want a statue built of him on o Connell bridge.


Dowlings best year was 2014


he got bags of goals that year.


Indeed. And other players had some very weak years in the time period Bumbles is talking about but he doesn’t criticise them.


I think it was probably this year all told . A lot of our performances in 2014 including the dows were overrated.


apples accused me of glossing over the TJ years… I did. Sure what else could you do.


Of course I do and id be the first to say flanagans comments on Clare were stupid and disappointing all told. I’d also add in the dows drop in those years I mentioned probably wasn’t even all his own fault. Lots of players played terribly.


God be with the days you’d have a few lads from CBS Sexton Street on the team. It’s sad what happened hurling in there


I was reading a great book on the cbs over Christmas. Some great players came out of that school.


they aren’t even hurling Harty now. An utter shame

I think they mightn’t even have a hurling team.


@carryharry Is it true that Sheedy has brought a criminal lawyer into the Tipp management team?


JP McManus, Tom Ryan, Eamonn Grimes…

some of the biggest names in Limerick hurling. Great tradition.

All fucked away for a few soccer trophies