Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five


That Cork team is mentally scarred, mate and will win nothing with the management they have.


It was the same v cork in the semi. His ability to tie defenders up invariably left gillane one on one in space.


I know for a fact that keily decided this approach based on their schooling.


Say that’s partially true for some,ref scarred,but we’re fairly good at exorcising that particular ghost,cork hurling public demand an all Ireland from this current team,it’s definitely on the way,maybe not this year,but who knows


Not a hope of it. Flanagan is an educated decent and erudite young man


Ye weren’t very well conditioned for the last 13 years, what will change this year?


they’re doing laps


Really? They were maybe one or two decent subs off putting us away and have cadogan back this year. I think they don’t get the respect they deserve, they are consistently a top 4 team. Depth is the problem but they are not far away.


Started to change 2 years ago


this isn’t soccer. You either get the big mug or fuck off away out of it for another year.


Not too far away,but not quite there,but still under jbm won an all Ireland when on paper they shouldn’t have


Unfortunately for you,with our tradition Cork never dies,goes away,so duck it up buddy,on the way


Where the fuck were ye for decades?


I think they’ll nearly win a lot of games.


Neither were ye for decades,bar last year where we’re ye?


The Galway tired is bollix . They had Lk utterly on the rack in the last 10 minutes .

They looked a little flat this year . Maybe due to the hunger.


they might win the “aren’t they lovely lads” competition. FFS


I thought galway looked flat all year, bar an odd fifteen minute spell in most games where they were brilliant.
They were, and are a great side all the same.


Getting Alan Cadogan back will be a big help but, as much as they score, they’ll cough it up at the other end.


I think they looked a tired team, possibly hunger, possibly the effect of a few long seasons. Clearly carrying injuries to key players. Still think they have the most talented squad in the country.