Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five


Possibly,heard a few stories that there’s other changes,hope it’s true,bit of a quandary ref pa Horgan,good for 10 points,but if he’s marked properly won’t score much from play,and if he’s an off day those 10 points turn to 3/4


Great team, but their manager clearly doesn’t trust his squad. He sent two obviously unfit players out to start an All-Ireland final. By the time the tone of the game was set they were chasing shadows.


I wouldn’t scoff at them at all. They are making semi finals every year with relatively limited resources. It’s not long since we couldn’t make a semi final and we were lucky to get by them last year in the semi.




No excuse mistake he made,unfit player should be in the stand


Who? Cork?

They have the greatest resources of any hurling team in Ireland.


He’s another lovely hurler alright.

They’ve lovely hurlers coming out their ears. Cadogan, Meade, Kearney

They haven’t enough dog in them. Too nice.


In fairness they were key players. Most managers would send out their key men at 80% for a final.


Do in me balls


Too much of a gamble,they died


No more Mr nice guys


Ok maybe resources is the wrong word, talent in their squad then.


that’s why Cork aren’t at the top table and won’t be for at least another 5 years. It’s only now they are winning under age again…

Sure we’re Cork biy, we don’t need an academy at all.

Sure hurlers are planted and grown down here, biiiy


Those days are well gone


you just said it a few posts up about tradition you langer


That’s the way it used be true,but a lot of competition ref soccer, rugby, basketball etc etc


They’re very thin in defence. Maybe they can unearth some new talent but I feel they’ll come up short of the big one. At the moment I’d fancy us any time we take the field against them.

Bar the mid-90’s that’s probably the only time in my life I’ve said that.


Tradition dickhead got Cork past the post umpteen time’s, especially over Limerick,ye were scared ,beaten for decades before a ball was pucked,same as cork footballers v Kerry etc


Winning an all ireland without underage success is very difficult. This cork team were constantly beaten at underage between minor and 21s. Very difficult to make the break through. They’ve a lot of talent but tend to collapse on the big day.


Only one team can be at the top table. Cork drew with the eventual champions in normal time in the semi final, they’re not far off at all.

By the way I confidently predicted a few years ago that limerick would win an AI before cork. MBB helpfully bookmarked it and himself and kev brought it up regularly. :sunglasses: