Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five


Id be pretty confident that Cork will win more all irelands than Limerick over the next 10 years. I mean no disrespect to Limerick, just an opinion.


Well we’re way ahead of them ATM


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We’ll enjoy while we can, boss. It was built on the back of years of hard work rather than a reliance on “tradition”

If you think tradition will win an All-Ireland these days I suggest you go out and buy a Confederate flag and sombrero and enjoy yourself.


Blackrock hurling club 1883


Have both bud


No. It’s a mess.


Nice one, Cyril!


are you including the camogie and ladies football? That’s all the cunts are good for


National club of BlackRock 1883


Jealousy is awful,have ye got any camogie clubs in Limerick, never heard of any ,as for ladies football,just a joke


That was a club for faction fighting as the GAA wasn’t formed until 1884


Google oldest hurling club in Cork buddy boy,you’ll find national club of Blackrock,1883,- blackrock,ref faction fighting,leave that to the Limerick knackers


That’s great.

There are loads of excellent coaches in Limerick, and lots of very good players at that age group.

You’d think that having won an All-Ireland based on excellent work done at underage level, we’d try to keep that going. And U-20 is arguably more important than U-21 before to keep players involved in decent setups out of minor.


Ciaran Carey over the well. I’d fancy them to win the county.


Sure we won 3 21s in the early 00s and decided to stop bringing players through.


You still shitting on about tradition and cork hurling, the only way a corkman will climb the hogan stand steps in the next few years is if he is employed by Ryan’s cleaning services to sweep them after All Ireland Sunday


180 posts since 7.30 am. Who is dead lads?


Carey must fancy his chances at succeeding Kiely.


Galway were like that all year Mike. They certainly weren’t over confident.