Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five


I dunno out of forwards in the country, I’d say he was definitely worthy of an All-Star last year.

For the jobs we ask him to do, there are few better suited. His work rate is sensational, his tackling top class and he has lovely quick wrists. Very impressive tonight.


That second half was lovely to watch. Knowing we’re all ireland champions, against Tipp and absolutely playing with them in the second half, throwing the ball around, it’s unusual to feel a sense of ascendancy, mightn’t last too long but it’s great to walk out of there after watching that


Since last year though I thought Tipp would struggle for a few years, their best players are now about 30 and have seen their best.I think they have the least talent of the five teams in munster in the 21-25 year bracket. John McGrath will improve them considerably but I’d fancy Limerick, Cork and Waterford to come out of munster. I think Clare are a bit flaky


Agreed as a NaP man I didn’t think he had it in him at this level but based on tonight I couldn’t be more wrong.

The most pleasing aspect based on the 2 matches so far is our energy and work rate. Great to see.


What was wrong with Hannon?


Dont get too excited yet. That was a reasonable win over a poor enough side. The big games lie ahead of us


No idea pal.


I’d actually be a bit concerned that we are puting too much effort into these nothing games. Always important to beat Tipp and Clare but now that we are more or less assured a QF in the league I hope championship is the only priority. Try out players in places where we are short of cover goalie, fullback line in particular.


I recall you, or maybe it was lapsed poster @The_Dunph, being apoplectic when Limerick GAA employed Sheedy to speak at some breakfast fundraiser around 5 years ago. You said Limerick GAA shouldn’t be lining the pockets of hurling mercenaries and looking for a pat on the head from the likes of Sheedy when there were Limerick legends like Donie Ryan available. How right you were, mate.


Gillane was interviewed after the game and he said that Hannon was sick all week.

The balls are frozen off me. Very efficient performance. Both Morrisseys excellent and a fine shift by young Boylan, Thought Tom Condin had a good game also, Tipp will surely improve but they’re soft as shite at the moment. They don’t want to know about it when it gets busy.


I don’t think anybody is getting carried away. I’ve just always rated Tipp as our biggest rivals. This is the first time in my life that Limerick are all ireland champions. Knowing that and seeing how we out hurled, out fought and out muscled them in the second half was very satisfying even though it is only the league. It’s nice to have that sense of ascendancy, something Tipp have probably often felt against us over the years. I know the bubble might burst very quickly. I’m just enjoying tonight tonight for what it is


I will say that Tipp’s use of the ball when they went 3 points behind was very poor, kept launching it high. I know it was hard to see with the fog & the lights but surely Callanan & the likes want low ball if possible? They missed a few handy scores aswell, Callanan mishit a couple of easy frees.

So there’s no getting carried away, but you would be impressed with the work rate which has to be the basis of any team. Use of the ball was generally pretty good, even when things didn’t come off, they were trying to do the right thing.


Just back from the home of the All-Ireland champions.

At least one set of Boys in Green did not fill the togs today in front of an expectant home crowd against their biggest rivals.

Diarmaid Byrnes > Conor Murray.


Welcome back mate.


Good to be back, pal. Hope you are well.

Took a badly needed e-break but am now back refreshed to defend this All-Ireland title online.

See you all in Kilkenny in a fortnight. Down there the Friday night for a stag, going racing in Gowran the next day and then a clash of hurlings Big Two in Nowlan Park on the Sunday. Life is good.


Youd never bring @chocolatemice back into line would you? Hes gone rogue, backing the rugby crowd and what not


If the Pats don’t win tomorrow night I fear for his E-profile


See you in Billy Byrnes kid.
As an extra 50th birthday present to the wife, Im taking her to see the All Ireland champions


And leave her at home for the championship then :rofl:


Oh God yeah. You couldn’t be bringing her to them games like