Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five


Just jealous.


Limerick won tonight and Ireland lost … i’m hardly gonna win 3/3…


@Fagan_ODowd said he has mange.


Have you forgiven me yet @Bod95?


Don’t worry the pats will do it for you a perfect weekend


I brought the missus to the semi final in 09. We very nearly divorced.


Of course I don’t do grudges pal


I had the young fella with me at that game we left 10 minutes into the second half never done it before or after that was beyond depressing😂




A bad bad fucking day. Lets not talk about it


We’re both old enough to remember days when we were routinely devoured by the likes of Tipp.


She wasnt the missus but i was with her against wexford in 01.

She will never agin go to a match


Our first “date” was a league match against Kilkenny in Nowlan Park which Limerick won in 97. Took her to the 07 AIF. Never again after that.


Is she a Kilkenny woman Mike?


She is


I’d hate to bring any bird I’m seeing to a game. I fear that any level of admiration she had for me would be tarnished before the ball would be even thrown in :crazy_face:


Fuck that shit. If she cant handle the raw emotion forget about it.


Can’t beat an away day on the bus to Mordor with a few cans :blush:

  1. What a day


That’s a tough weekend kid. Hope you still have it in you on the Sunday for a few fist pumps