Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five


Limerick win against the inbred hicks, rugger loss. Monday will be epic at work.


Like yourself😉


The drive back that Sunday evening is going to be cruel.


I fucking wish kid .



Any long-term project of a woman needs to know the truth and needs to accept it fairly lively. Ms Pike still struggles with basic concepts like turnstiles, but gradually she’s getting there. She loved the scrap the last day, she’d have been down there throwin’ digs with Séamie Flanagan in a shot.


My wan is from meath, shes convinced we dont do enough scrapping.


Mine was different chief. I had to try a different tact. I went out with a woman who gave me grief for going to hurling matches. I eventually told her to fuck off. My first outing with the wife was basically “this is me if you don’t like it, fuck off”


Laying down the law👍


A healthy balance of 1 weekend put away looking at home appliances and furniture for every 5 weekends put away going to matches keeps everyone happy.


Its not even that. Its her thinking where the fuck is for the first few times and after that its her thinking " well I know where he is " after a while


Who got the Limerick goal


Mulcahy. Were you not there with the rest of the genuine fans?


I was but a lad keeps saying it was downes, you just won me my argument



Mul did very well, and all you can ask for, but that’s bad goalkeeping/defending in my book.


Seamus Hickey was of the same opinion on EirSport


The cold winds from the mountains are.calling soft to me. The smell kf scented heather brings bitter memories


The wild and lonely eagle up 9n the summer sky


@feck_it was well on it.