Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five


I promised @myboyblue 3 body bags.


With a pencil.


A hard man never sounded his own horn


Lads Limerick are animals. Watching that tonight they were so far physically and tactically ahead of tipp it was nearly embarrassing.

Tipp wrre just lumping aimless ball as fsr down the field aa they could. Limericks game plan is basic enough, but at the same time it’s hard to counter without a similar level of size and fitness


I left my love in Limerick, in limerick bu the sea. I sailed away from Limerick, the whole wide world to see. I wrote my love no letter to say where i might be, and so my love on Limerick, she pined away for me


I am a young fellow thays easy and bold in castletownconners im very well known in newcastle west i spent many a note


@Copper_pipe know this lad?


My father rebuked me for being such a rake…


It was odd to hear you keep a role of pencils up your hole I must admit


She’s lucky to have you mate


What about it? Just because I dont crawl around like a snivelling love sick puppy.
Like most people on this site there are one or two things that we are passionate about ( mostly a sport of some sort) and shouldn’t have to compromise on.
And yeah. She is lucky to have me


Lads sneering saying our b team is the only team that’d give us a game. Well the b’s went out last night and walked all over the cunts :joy:


We “cruised” passed them if you dont mind


@Brimmer_Bradley Come back pal!


@Brimmer_Bradley don’t bother


Well they did


When are we taking on Cork?




The 24th of Feb


We hope to beat Wexford first( Hope/