Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five


That will be the real test … We got our bit of luck last year but Cork are the real deal. They will take beating this year.


We’ll only need the c team for that one. If results go our way today we could be qualified already


Footballers 0-09 to 0-05 up at half time.


What was the ref at last night. I made it 4 times that he got the direction of a free / sideline wrong


Sean Cleere of Kilkenny


He was laughing away to himself at the last one


The open stand was like an ice rink lsst night, there was an auld lad going around with a mega phone warning people to be careful. “Be Safe. Be Happy”


I can’t get over the ground covered by Tom Morrissey. It’s one thing for Hayes, but Morrissey is a very broad man, the amount of ground he covered is massive. He’s going from strength to strength.


Walked into town for a few scoops after it last night, the footpaths were lethal.


1-12 to 0-08 in Mick Neville.


We are going up say we are going up!


Not only that, himself and Dan always look up and pick the right option 9 times out of ten.

Two fantastic team players.


I’d say we’ll do the double


Great result for the hurlers there. Sitting pretty at the top of the table.
We can afford to send footballers out for the rest of the hurling matches now


Good win for the footballers.


The only team with a 100% record in 1A hurling and top of Division Four football.

This is GAA country.


Were you at the football?


No, @Gary_Birtles_Lovechi was keeping me updated.

“Won at a canter but painfully slow to work the ball up” was his summation there.


Going by what I saw in London I’d imagine they bored Waterford to death.
Two from two though. Can’t do anymore than that, although I’d say they’ve played the two worst teams in the division so far


Already won more matches than in all of last year.

Honestly didn’t think we’d win a game this year.