Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five


Who’s next for them?


Away to Wicklow next Sunday.

If the weather is half decent I might head to Aughrim and tick it off the GAA ground bucket list.


You’ve to give it its official title #fortressaughrim


Report i got was that they moved the ball well in first half but it slowed up 2nd half. Begley supposedly very effective with the advanced mark.


Boylan really stood up.had a fine game some yoke to win a ball. Byrnes and tom morrissey :clap:


:grin: In the ardú?


Hope so, struggling v Wexford ATM,pitch in shite



Three from three not entirely beyond the bounds of possibility.


What’s this?


Derry would be best team in the division by a distance I’d imagine but there wouldn’t be a whole lot between any of the rest.


Make sure your boot is empty


The young lad took an awful spill on the way out, bottom step was like glass.


Ah no… Hope he’s ok?


Just on last night, it was an impressive performance. Despite not having a whole pile done, it was clear they had put a lot of emphasis on this as the first home 1A game in 9 years and were always likely to do enough to get the win. Think Sheedy said Tipp had done a lot of heavy sessions during the week and they did fade badly. From Kiely’s interview, sounds like he’ll be doing a lot of hard running with our ladsover the next couple of weeks!

Quaid wasn’t tested much but puckouts were much better than Hogan’s.

Full-back line were excellent. Now, it is easier when Tipp just langer balls high on top of you rather than move it into space but I thought they did well. English was the one who followed his man out to half-back at times.

Half-back line were excellent. Byrnes looks in serious shape athletically, covered a lot of ground and his use of the ball was good, as well as being dominant in the air. I know someone talked about Morrissey in that he can get under a ball but I thought his defensive positioning was superb. Not always something appreciated, but the positions he picked up to receive passes from the full-back line are always the right ones, and his use of the ball was excellent. Hannon was probably the one to standout least but he really does have a touch of class, even when sick. Paddy O’Loughlin is flying at the moment apparently, and was very impressive off the bench.

Midfield worked very hard, dominated that sector. DOD particularly standout.

Hegarty got through a mountain of work again. No scores today but created a few and really hurt Tipp at puckout time. As has been mentioned, Morrissey covered serious ground again and popped over a couple of scores. Some debut for Boylan too… He really does fit the model- big, strong, quick. Won frees through hard running and worked hard. Hurling will tidy up too, but I was impressed with his decision making yesterday. Kyle needs to get some ballwork done, but put himself about.

Nothing went right for poor Downes, felt sorry for him. Probably nerves but also looked rusty. Will he get another chance? There is a lot of competition but you’d like to see him again on better ground. Mulcahy worked hard, was a general nuisance and got his goal. Gillane didn’t get as much ball as last week but looked a real threat, scored a couple of points and created a good goal chance. Pat Simon could have had two goals, but took neither. Probably should have done better with the fiestas. Still, he is very lovely, you have to love his enthusiasm and energy. Casey did look threatening when introduced.


Ah he’s grand, was embarrassed more than anything, few bruises.



And the rugby team bate. What a weekend :clap:


Just business as usual these days


This will drive @flattythehurdler demented.


Couple of flares would have sorted it out cc @Copper_pipe