Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five


League games aren’t the time to have flares. It’s too easy to be spotted after you’ve it lit :grin:


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If Pat Ryan had stuck that first goal chance, it would have been one of the goals of the season. It was a really good team move, Morrissey’s block on Callanan, the recovery by Finn, back to Quaid and then they worked it out to the man in space; Morrissey’s diagonal ball inside and then Ryan’s run along the endline.

He was actually quite unlucky with that goal chance, just deflected away, but had made the space well for himself. The second one, he should definitely have taken it onto his left side and opened up the target.


I watched the game back there. Pat Ryans ability to turn his marker is unreal. His pace is frightening…in the club championship he absolutely burnt Mark Carmody with a similar swivel. I reckon Kinnerk will work very closely with him and he could be a real top hurler come championship.


Brilliant stuff. This is how you inspire the next generation.


Correct. Under severe pressure cool heads kept the ball alive and in Limerick hands only for the final pass to be a peach of one. Shame Ryan didn’t score the goal alright.


Just watched the game back after been at it last night. Duignans Co-commentary is woeful… again.

Everyone on the panel is pushing hard for a start on the team. It’s unreal the competition. Although Downes will be lucky to see anymore game time. Maybe it was nerves I know he hasn’t started a match for Limerick in a while but it was hard to watch at Dowling still has to get minutes on the pitch.

so happy with their attitude you couldn’t but be proud. Hopefully another great year ahead.


Na Piarsaigh- Michael Ryan & Nigel O’Shaughnessy
Doon- Tom Murphy & Aidan Hanrahan
Kilmallock- John Brudair & Jamie Wall
Patrickswell- Ciaran Carey & Natal O’Grady
Adare- Brian Foley
South Liberties- Cronan Garry & Pat Donnelly
Ballybrown- Evan Loftus & Darrell Tucker
Murroe/Boher- Seamus Gleeson
Monaleen- Damien Reale & Liam Reale
Ahane- Davy Givens & Donach O’Donnell
Knockainey- Haulie Walsh & Tommy Guilfoyle
Garryspillane- Thomas Downes (no manager yet)

Few names I wouldn’t be overly familiar with there.

Anyone know where the Sparrow is gone? And Ger Downes? Went up with Liberties last year, hard to blame him for moving on. And Teeje hasn’t confirmed whether he’ll be back with the Bouncers.

Don’t know anything about Hanrahan with Doon off the top of my head, and does Tommy Guilfoyle have much of a track record?

Anyone have any info on the Premier Intermediate/Intermediate teams. From what I’ve heard:

Mungret- Gerry O’Brien as manager, have an outside coach too
Blackrock- Jimmy Quilty & Adrian Gilligan
Bruree- Gerdy O’Mahony again, I think
Dromin/Athlacca- Think it’s the same group, Darren Moynihan involved
Cappamore- Presume Hammersley is still with them

Someone told me Bruff’s but I can’t remember, no idea on Pallasgreen.

All I know for Intermediate is that Shaughs is still with Tour (as confirmed above), Emmet Beston is over NaP2 and Johnny Cahill & Tom Carmody in Croom.


Ger Downes is taking a year’s break from coaching I’m told, didn’t he go back to college to do something


He did plus he has 2 very young kids


I actually heard tonight Ger Downes has been contacting players to go in to the Limerick u20s for fitness tests or trial period or whatever so must be involved with them in some capacity


He could also be involved in a very elaborate practical joke.


First round of the U-21 Championship this evening:

‪Doon 2-14 Kilmallock 1-12
‪Patrickswell 1-15 Ahane 2-8‬
‪Na Piarsaigh 1-20 Monaleen 1-8

I dunno who the standout team is, that’s a very good win for Doon.

Garryspillane & Mungret play on Sunday, both those should be very strong, Garryspillane winning the last two minor titles.

We’re in the group with NaP, Monaleen, Ahane & the Well; it’s our first time ever playing Premier U-21 so be interesting to see how we get on.


Erra, he’s not a baldie Askeaton joker like yourself in fairness pal.


Don’t be so sensitive Ger he was only messing


I think we’ve found @The_Most_Infamous’s soft spot


You’re a nasty cunt to say that about him.


Denis Barry is coaching Mungret intermediates


Paddy O’Leary is going to give another year to the Mountcollins u14s :+1:


From Doon?