Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five


He’s a lovely fella, principal in Sexton Street CBS Primary School. What’s he like as a coach?


Don’t recall ever coming across him as a coach.


Look mate, you’re grand and harmless and all but we don’t accept outsiders, especially Cork ones, so you can stop trying now.


You really need to let it go.


Calm down love


I’m calm as ever. You’re the one that gets riled up every time Tracky posts I’m the thread. It’s odd. Let it go kid.


An internet stalking is fine with me mate, beats getting followed up a mountain by an on duty Garda anyway


Ah jesus that was gas that time :laughing: you crying into your flat white and sending PMs to bate the band :pint:


Does it upset you pet?


No I just think you’re making a fool of yourself and by extension the rest of us.


I’ll probably step up my campaign of hate now if anything. Will this tip you over the edge? I’d hate to think you wouldn’t be able to handle it petal.


Just goes to show how touchy you are. I’d hate to see the state you’d be in if I actually tried to wind you up. Carry on.


There was no PMs, why do you say that?
Following a chap off the internet up a mountain though :smiley:


You jumped in with both high heels, but yeah, clearly it’s me that’s wound up :wink:


All I said was you need to relax your hard on for Tracky. You’re like MBB running around after him.


You didn’t PM me in July 2018. Really mate?


Relax mate, seriously ffs :laughing:


My apologies, I did PM you alright, I thought you were alleging that I was sending them out to other posters,
Carry on the ‘campaign of hate’ :+1:


Ah don’t be so sensitive mate, it’s just a bit of a running joke on here that if someone has a pop at you the other lad jumps in to defend your honour. As know it all Cork lads go you’re in my top 3 favourite ones


Thank you @glasagusban, you’re my knight in shining armour, so much so that it’s now a running joke on TFK that every time somebody has a pop at me you jump in to defend my honour, can’t say I’ve noticed it myself but it’s a running joke now. :+1:
It must be a busy job :laughing: