Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five


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I don’t know how I do it, in fairness.


It’s ridiculously easy you don’t even have to reply to him or tag him, just take a pop at tracky :man_shrugging: He was on about ‘having a horn for Tracky’ a few posts up… Freud would have a field day…


He was coach last time Doon won two minors , was in with the academy for a while , comes highly recommended


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The really scary thing is that all the limerick posters here are just one person and you’ve just witnessed their inner monologue








Same football team named again, in Aughrim tomorrow.

Mungret & Garryspillane drew in the Premier U-21 today, 0-11 to 1-8. Low-scoring but conditions wouldn’t have been great, I suppose.


Incredible developments in the West Junior A hurling championship. Potential for it to be even more box office than usual. The boys in the South couldn’t resist the lure and have been annexed by the West. Once in a lifetime opportunity for @balbec’s boys to win the only medal that matters in limerick hurling.


5 teams in both the city and east. 3 in south and 9 in west and they join West and South :confused:


The greatest hurling championship known to man is expanding. :clap::clap:


The blue riband of Limerick GAA getting lebensraum .


Ourselves and the Stakers will bring a bit of Southern glamour back to ye kerrymen.


Ya it would make far more sense geographically and numerically to have the south and the east join. But this means they have two groups of 5 and we have two groups of 6 so there is some small bit of logic to it.

Further news 4 from the West will progress to the county.
There will be no quarters in the West this year, top two from each side will play semis and will also be ones going through to county.
Seeding was discussed and shouted down as unwestmanlike so there’ll probably be one absolutely vicious group.
This means county last 16 is gone as well. 2 from East and City will play the 4 from the West.
It is not the West/South Championship. This was very important to the West board apparently $$$$.
Next year will be all county.


I’d imagine a lot of the West Intermediate sides will be looking to regrade down for what will be the last EVER west hurling championship


If Drom went down I wonder would all this have been avoided :eyes::man_shrugging:


It’s win win for all west teams in the intermediate hurling championship now.

Win it out and you are promoted to premier intermediate.
Get relegated and you are back in the box office west (and south) junior A hurling championship.