Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five


The double Tour/Killeedy final this year was the one we all wanted, would have been a fitting end to the West Championship.

It has to go all county, although this is a positive move for the South teams for sure. Cut-throat but at least they’re getting meaningful games.


All county next year. Nearly happened this year apparently but the West fought a strong rearguard action. But this is it supposedly


All this happened in the space of about 24 hours apparently. The West clubs got a phone call during the week and needed to vote by the following morning on whether they wanted to merge or go all county. How this decision is only made in February is another story.


Johnny Brosnan passed me this morning in a 191 Merc.


It’s imperative that a team from the south doesn’t win the west junior A 2019.

It’d be like Galway winning a Leinster hurling title. West teams for the west junior A.


The new Munster Council Chairman getting shit done already…!


Those South cunts will never handle a Hurley again after a year of West hurling


Next step is to get the all county junior A to be played under the auspices of the West Board


Mike Machavelli Riordan splitting the West Board and their junior clubs in one fell swoop here. Tactical dismantling of the power of the Divisions. The West clubs were given the option of go All County or accept the 3 South teams. West Board were willing to accept the South teams to avoid losing their championship and pleaded with the West clubs to back that. For nostalgia sake I’d say a few voted for to keep it Divisional, will be All County next year or year after


Fantastic administrating by Spike. He really can do nothing wrong at the moment.


Hardly FFS


I have no doubt that Paudie O Brien and Gavin O Mahony will now see the carrot for regrading .


It’ll revitalise the South teams having a proper championship to play for. Kilmallock in particular will be very strong as they’ll have 5 games to play early in the season instead of their year starting in August


It will suit us perfectly. Keep the young fellas ticking over.


I reckon Clarkey will come out of retirement for this.


Davy Lyons out, Brian Donovan starting, Padraig de Brún on the bench.


I’m listening to this on Wicklow radio, they’re talking about cookies, Twixes & Aeros at the moment; Jamie Lee just kicked a free into the wind and it blew back into his hands, and he then kicked it over the bar.

Apparently very very strong wind.


Goal Seamie O’Carroll, into the lead. Wicklow commentators confused by the mark rule, but the goal stands.

EDIT- 2 goals for Wicklow, 5 down.


Lost by 5. The Limerick football revival has been smashed against the walls of Fortress Aughrim


Just back from Joule Park, Fortress Aughrim.

The home of Wicklow GAA lives up to its fearsome reputation as the visitors leave empty handed, the seven hour round trip in vain.

Went up by the Red Cow, southbound on the M50, onto the M11 and turned off at junction 16. On through Rathdrum to Aughrim on possibly the worst road in the country. A blinding sun made it even more treacherous but landed on around 12.45pm eventually.

Had an absolutely savage roaster carvery in Lawless’s Hotel beside the ground. Roast bafe, mash, mountain of roast spuds, peas, carrots, cabbage and copious amounts of gravy. All for the princely sum of €11.95. Quick pint in O’Toole’s which was only middling.

Tidy little ground. Terrace on one side, cosy little stand on the other with comfortable bucket seats. Nothing behind either goal.

We played into a hurricane in the first half. A rare half where we scored more from play (0-02) than frees (0-01). To be only three points down at the short whistle looked a great position.

When the ever menacing Seamus O’Carroll smashed home a goal at the second attempt to put us a point up we looked set to kick on and preserve our 100% record. A terrific finish, it had the estimated away following of eight (8) on their feet in acclaim.

As it was we were to score just one more point (a free) as we collapsed after we gave away one of the worst goals you’ll ever see at any level of football. Our lineball, about 40 yards out from our own goal and we go for a short one. Should have been intercepted but we managed to scramble and win another lineball in the exact same spot. This time we did the exact same thing, hospital pass intercepted, Wicklow sauntered through (as our full backline had all drifted out) and duly buried it. The home crowd came to life, the visitors wilted and there was only one winner from that moment on. Been saying it for years, the opposition are at their most dangerous when we have the ball in our own defensive areas.

Second goal was a decent move, cut us open, the rampaging wing back laid it across and the ball was palmed to the net. Game over.

The ref - Murnane from Cork - is one of these new breed of officials who are desperate to appease the assessors. Just so picky. Gave us nothing in the first half but got a few handy ones off him after the break. Best team won anyway.

McSweeney at wingback kicked two fine points but other than O’Carroll we were toothless up front. Nash was industrious and it was a mistake to take him off. Begley was completely nullified at full forward and should have been replaced. That was only magnified when he was shown a straight red late on. Incident happened on the far side so didn’t see it clearly.

Lovely ground. An actual county ground which has a functioning tannoy system. They even encouraged all the youngsters to go on the pitch at half time - footballers to the dressing room end, any kids with Hurley’s to the scoreboard end. Gave a comprehensive list of half time scores from Division One to Division Four and even threw in the latest on the junior All-Ireland hurling final. Top class, other counties could learn a lot from little things like that.

Shaky drive home between torrential rain and dangerous crosswinds which had the car swaying. Stopped off in Barrack Obama Plaza on the way home, a load of distraught Charleville fans in there. It perked me up for the remainder of the trip.

We go again to Kilkenny next weekend.