Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five


Heading gowran next saturday and then the hurling on Sunday. Makings of a lovely weekend.


Going to Gowran too, me & about 30 others for a stag.

See you there, pal.


Might go to that myself if i’m free, what’s Gowran like?


Think I’ll make the trip on Sunday also. Any recommendations for a Roaster dinner near the ground @iron_mike ?


Shit hole of a place


Not much good to you now mate, but that’s a significantly longer route than nessecary. You should have come off in Portlaoise through baltinglass and on. Would have saved you a good half hour I’d say. Especially with road works at moment.


Ah yeah, I figured there would be a shorter route but was too stubborn/lazy to enquire what that route was.

Aughrim is a small village.

That Wicklow accent is something chronic.


A better optuon would have been to put his feet up by the fire at home but if he hasnt copped on by now… . . …


I’d say most of the panel would have preferred this option as well.


Interesting* one about the new mark rule. Someone like @Elvis_Brandenberg_Kr might be able to clarify this for me.

Darragh Treacy won an attacking mark about forty yards out in the first half, facing into the hurricane. He ballooned the ball a mile up into the air. Two players - one for each side - went for it but as they grappled for possession both missed it. The ball bounced and ended back with Darragh Treacy - without seemingly being touched by any other player. Surely that should have been a free to Wicklow…?

As it was Treacy won it, laid it off to Jamie Lee who put it over the bar.

Also if a player takes an attacking mark, goes for a score, hits the woodwork and comes back to him is he then free to play it? Surely he has touched the ball twice in succession?

Not interesting*


A mark isn’t a free. You can play on if you so choose can’t you


I know you can play on if you so wish.

What I mean is if you make the catch, call the mark and have a free, unchallenged kick at goal.


I am no good to you here mate


It’s a lovely course. A very knowledgable racing crowd too. Thytestes day is probably the best days racing in the country. All different levels of the game on show. I think smark will love it.


I was talking about the town. The facilities at the track are shocking as well. Its needs bulldozing


Billy Byrnes is where the action will be


Have you a stripper organized mike .


Im in negotiations with the wife


He can do it from a free so I presume it’s fine from a mark.

The first one is obviously a freak occurrence, but I would say it’s a definite foul


Team for kilkenny chaps? Im hearing weve doing a lot of heavy cardio training recently so im not expecting a w. Any updates on M. Casey, WOD or The Dow? I think Boylan is a major find if he keeps playing well. Hes in the mould of a kiely half forward. It Means in a gruelling munster championship we can rotate like for like with hego etc. Likewise peter casey gives us the same option in the fullforward line.