Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five





Well you are the All Ireland Champions, who did you think they were going to show, Wexford v Tipp? Galway v Dublin?


I’d say most people were expecting Wexford v Tipp or Galway v Dublin … Limerick are truly box office.


They’re still coming to grips with being in Div 1, give them a chance


4pts won suggests that we have come to grips with it quite nicely and can now concentrate on pre-championship training


Aye, maybe they expected Antrim v Westmeath


Two Div 1 teams on live television, its astounding


Revolutionary thinking from TG4.


It really is driving a few lads demented on here…


Dry your eyes mate


Surely only a matter of time before a TV rights deal is announced for the West Junior A championship


have you seen Clare live on TV much this year bud?


Limerick GAA TV.


I’d go to matches for the most part, I know it would greatly interrupt your EPL consumption to do the same.


it’s great to have the option to watch it at home all the same.


An off shoot of Arsenal Fan TV.

Who’d be the grumpy old lad to play the Claude role? “It’s a fackin’ shambles, we need to start Peter Casey every day.”


@iron_mike will be troopz – ‘You hear me fam’ ‘D’ya know what I mean Blud’


Three time come Saturday night .


Apparently it was very heavy last week. I know it’s only the League but I’d really love to get a win in Nowlan Park.