Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five


Would be nice to get the win there on Sunday. Be interesting to see if Boylan keeps his place. You’d couldnt drop him really after the Tipp game. Flanagan will surely be back in as well. Competition for places in the forwards is as fierce as I’ve ever seen it.


Lined out in training this way…
1 Quaid
2 Condon
3 Finn
4 English
5 Byrnes
6 Morrissey
7 O’ Loughlin
8 O’ Donovan
9 Malachy
10 Boylan
11 Hayes
12 Morrissey
13 Casey
14 Flanagan
15 Simon


Tom M on frees and Byrnes on long ones?


Tom is a fine free taker. I wouldnt have any concerns about that.


I’d say so


Where’s WOD?


Any news on the Dow?


WOD=DOW backwards :fearful:


I know Limerick GAA™ have been pushing the merchandise angle hard this winter, but this is surely a step too far.


Working on his fitness. Hell be right for may.


Would be surprised if Sham Flan comes straight back into the starting team. The gaffer runs a tight ship and players tend not to walk straight back in after suspension, injury, club commitments etc.

Following his suspension for the Waterford game last summer as a result of the red in Stade de Frank, Gillane didn’t start against Clare and had to bide his time to get back in. Would expect Flanagan to be made wait in a similar manner.


Flanagan might be in as Gillane has played a lot with Mary I.


Was thinking the same but incidents are chawlk and cheese. Flanagan was sticking up for lynch. Gillane was just stupid.


Are Mary I playing on Thursday? Gillane has started both games so far, between that and college commitments he might be rested for Sunday alright.

The likes of Barry Murphy or Pat Simon could get the nod too obviously.


Gillane still has colleges hurling to get through. No harm in him getting a break, Flanagan was going well enough until he was sent off in Wexford. Full 75 minutes would be ideal for him on Sunday.


Id say Flana will be straight in if Gillane is rested to fit the template


Not one bit worried about the forwards but that full back line is in for a long year.


Downes had probably missed his chance for the year now. Seriously cut throat in the forwards. No sign of nasher either starting.


Nash is hurt no? He hasnt made a 26 yet has he?


He made the 26 for the semi and final last year. For a lad that hadnt played a minute of senior intercounty for 18 mths previous that suggests Kiely does rate him. Its only February at the end of the day…he’ll get another chance id say.