Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five


Think he was there v wexford.


His development over the last 18 months has been phenomenal. Built like a tank, selfless, ferocious work rate and chips in with scores. Lovely bit of niggle to him too.

Got to give huge credit to the management team for giving him a chance in the first place. There wasn’t exactly a huge clamour for him to be on the senior panel 12 months ago, never mind starting.

I’m only guessing but I’d think he’ll be kept on the bench as a gentle rap on the knuckles for picking up the red. Lovely to have plenty of options either way.


Don’t think he was on the match day panel vs Wexford either. I’d actually completely forgotten he was even on the panel til someone mentioned him on this thread a couple of weeks back.


I dont think he was


Still though youve gillane, casey, flanagan, ryan and graeme nailed on.


Good to see pat Simon start if he does get a go. Big chance for him to stake a claim.


Serious competition, and they’ll drive each other on. Long year ahead though, Downes may well get another chance, if not he’s a fantastic panelist, which is arguably just as important.


Only having the craic lads, haven’t a clue how they lined out in training. It’s got a bit of chat about the team going though. It’s the team I’d pick anyway for Sunday.


You bollocks

Id have lynch in for someone in midfield and id start the same half back line as always. Id be happy enough with the forwards you pickrd


Cusack Park Thursday


The final is this weekend then is it?



Doubt if


They used to run off the semi final and final in the one weekend. You wouldnt know with them


Great to have the Fitzgibbon Cup ongoing and more of our young players getting games at a competitive level.

Cc @glasagusban


You’ve changed your time I see :blush:


Gillane is playing Thursday, and I’d expect Mary I to win that but I still think he might start just as he is the designated freetaker. I know Morrissey is more than capable, as is Murphy or Dowling but I just think he’ll persist with Gillane.

I’d be surprised if there are any changes to the half-back line. A decent chance we’ll see a DOD/Lynch midfield, I think.

Be interesting what happens with Flanagan. I do think it’s a slightly different red card to Gillane’s. But you do have Casey, Mulcahy, Pat Ryan, Murphy and Downes all looking for a start too.


You can add to that the fact that he has rattled the fuck out of the Clare lads. They had to set up a counselling service in work for Clare lads after he correctly pointed out they were forgotten since 2013.

They are bulling over it. Big thick red heads on them, bursting to maintain some semblance of outward ambivalence but erupting in toxic Loughnane-esque bile and invective at the slightest poke.

Calm down lads. He’s right, after all. That was the message the counsellors were reinforcing.



Is Darren Connell u 21 this year Aristotle ?