Limerick GAA 2022 - Champions thread

Some fellas just have no luck with injuries as well.

you need more mobility to play at half forward nowadays. Look at Hego and Tom. Centre back is probably the only place on the field where you can put a lad who mightn’t have gears

Edge of the square. The new Begley

In the old days we’d be torturing ourselves from October about picking a starting fifteen. Now we are struggling to decide who the subs will be.

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Flanagan covers as much ground as WOD :smiley:

I think I’m gonna start going to the A vs B games this year . The Munster championship just isn’t doing it for me.


Cian Lynch might have to work to get his position back.

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I’d drop him.

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Mobility itself isn’t the issue, he can cover ground, it’s just turning speed.

He knows that, the coaches know that, and I’m sure it’s being worked on. It is something that can be fixed. But last year, he was being targeted and got badly exposed on the turn and saw no Championship gametime afterwards.

Had a very good club season though, dominant, red card incident aside.


We peaked last year on here with the selection of the U25 Non Panelist interdivisional XVs.


The only chance he has of playing championship is if he transfers to Cork. The Cork crowd have being bigging up Deckie Dalton as their saviour. Coughlan would be a cult hero down there ( and just as slow to turn) cc @Turenne

He didnt look out of place. Very good hurler

I was expecting a call-up to manage the City division based on that.


Was at both the Cork game and the Kerry game yesterday and have to say Fergal O’Connor was extremely impressive in both. Looked injured coming off yesterday at half time which could be a worry. If fit, really feel like he deserves a shot. Think he offers more going forward than the likes of Costello and English but is well capable defensively. Was top scorer from play from midfield for effin this year so definitely has the capability further up the field aswell.
David McCarthy in goals obviously I think is a fantastic option in the league to give Quaid a rest and be fresh towards end of league/start of championship.


Great to have you on the forum Fergal.


Great fun looking back on limerick threads pre-2018

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What’s the point in that? Modern hurling started in 2018. A relic of a sport

Unless you remember where you started, you’ll never appreciate how far you’ve come


BMB was spot on with regard to the fact that Nash would never make it as a forward under Kiely.

I don’t think anyone saw him as a corner-back. I’ll hold my hands up there, I didn’t think it would work (I could just about see half-back).

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The forum is lacking Limerick lads & their input.