Limerick GAA 2023 - League finalists

FFS, that’s a killer. Get back into it and concede straight away.

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Not a good day out in the Gaelic grounds.

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Was always going to be a mammoth task to stay in div 2, far more room for development in Div 3.

Looked a lot better in the second half when we upped the tempo and moved the ball quickly. Cian Sheehan looked like he could be a real option inside, if we can afford to play him there.

We were probably short two forwards today though. Naughton was the only one who looked a real scoring threat all the way through. Brian Donovan is lively, for sure, but didn’t threaten the scoreboard enough. Hugh Bourke had an off-day.

Kildare weren’t great though, but looked to have more up front than us. We made some very silly mistakes at times.

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Could not get through while Kildare played defensively.

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Fairly sure Cian is off to Oz very soon. Mightn’t even be available for Championship

Once Limerick exit the championship.

Not a great day in HQ.

The hurlers fired in a quick fire 1-03 and it was pretty much game over there and then.

Four of the starting 6 backs scored from play, including a point each for Richie & M Casey in the full backline. The Hayes goal was a thing of beauty, marauding run from CON, the supporting run and emphatic finish from Kyler. Mind you as the Wexford lad behind me ruefully said ‘he took a DJ Carey amount of steps!’.

Overall just a really drab game, so stop start and little fluidity.

Wexford were so, so disappointing. Four points from play in the whole game. Toothless in attack, exasperated by the ludicrous decision to play Rory O’Connor 90 yards from goal.

Wexford’s free taking woes again reared its head, Chin must have missed five or six plus another three or four from play on top of that. Mark Fanning has been a good servant to them but he is throwing one in every game these days, it seems. Really struggles with those awkward high ones in just under the cross bar.

Another game next week, which is probably no harm for the likes of Casey, Byrnes and Gillane. Tipp will go all out while Limerick can possibly experiment with a few.

Overall the hurling league group stage has been pretty abject. No cut and thrust and no threat of relegation for the strongest 7 or 8 teams. Can see loads not renewing the season ticket as most of the games are now just glorified challenge matches.

The footballers put out of their misery. The annoying thing is that Limerick are at a similar enough level to the likes of Louth, Meath and Kildare. Staying up was well within their capabilities. Ultimately can have no qualms about going down. The appointment of Dempsey was a disaster from start to finish.

We go again to Dungarvan midweek.


Not sure what you were expecting from Wexford. Very weak team.

Our group next year is:

Winner of Laois/Westmeath relegation playoff.

The situation won’t be improving for us.

How does the league changing around every year work out?

There’s a predetermined two year cycle.

That was my first ever jaunt to the Gaelic Grounds today.

A fine stadium but they must get the bollox sued off them for slips, trips and falls on wet days.

There were a few areas under the North Stand that were incredibly slippy with the water coming down through the terrace.

That was just today. Rain is very infrequent in Limerick.

The Mackey Stand (covered stand) is one of the coldest places on earth.

It was pretty miserable over there today. The best option was standing up at the back row, as we did.

The drainage underneath is poor.

And there we have it. Slip on wet ground. Sue the bollox of the GAA. The End.

Surprised Tom Ryan’s column in the Mail last week hasnt been mentioned here. Called out the financial doping of the Limerick hurling set up. Love reading Tom’s columns.

Throw it up there!

Dont know how mate.