Limerick GAA - Guard of honour season






Yes. I think there’s 3 if not 4 o Sullivan’s in Paris. I’m in The one next door to the moulin rouge. Heading to buggy’s shortly.


Kildimo v Garyspillane next Saturday? @Aristotle


Don’t think the date has been confirmed yet. Next weekend alright, but haven’t heard whether Saturday or Sunday- would expect to hear Monday evening.

Football semi-final on Tuesday against Fr. Casey’s in Mick Neville, that’ll be the first focus. Then straight onto the hurling at the weekend. Looking forward to it now.


Who was that?


:clap: a serious clamping


Of himself? The guy is in a bar in the moulin rouge and he posting away shite on TFK :laughing:


“Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?”


@Aristotle - talking to a club mate of yours tonight and heard Kyler was subjected to a good deal of provocation - good to hear he didn’t respond.

That semi with the Bouncers won’t be for the faint hearted.

@Copper_pipe - any date for the relegation replay yet? Junior B football replay down for next Sunday. G/B v D/A hurling semi final rumoured to be on next Saturday.

Would suit both clubs to have one next weekend and one the week after.


Why would a lad go out foreign on a break for a few days to get away from it all, then drink in an Irish pub? Doesn’t make sense


He’s a horsey horse fan who’s gone to a fucking horse race, it’s not exactly getting away from it all.


Talk last night of it being on Saturday also.

Regarding the Junior A final, I heard 3 clubs have applied to have it. Drom, Feenagh and NCW. Assume NCW will get it


The owner of o Sullivan’s would be involved in horses. So pretty much any Irish in paris heading meet there the night before. It’s also not really an Irish bar Only Irish owned. There wouldn’t be any shamrocks or green flags. It turns into a decent night club after 12.


Poor @glasagusban and @backinatracksuit obsession with my every move is amusing. I’d say they’ve miserable life’s. Sick of their wife’s, sick of their children and have nothing better to do only pick on young lads living a little. Glas the lad slagging off people taking drugs stayed up to watch the McGregor fight :joy:


You are living there rent free so to speak.


Glas will be sending around more pms looking for info on me again.


What in God’s name are you on about? I haven’t replied to you in months, I certainly have never asked anybody for info on you, I really don’t give a fuck, if you or anybody have any evidence that I have I will quit the forum immediately, that’s plain weird


You just replied directly to the poor young man, off with you now. :wave: