Limerick GAA - Guard of honour season


Drom won’t know what hit it :ronnyroar: :ronnyroar:


Hats off to Spike. He has done some job getting all these matches run off. He’ll deserve a nice break.


He’ll have earned that team holiday.



Lynchie was on a photo shoot with Roz Purcell yesterday. He’s living the dream


Hes on OTBAM now




He might as well because since he became IT officer all the PRO stuff came from him. I hope that, going forward, he can do a better than the deal he secured for the players fund on the sale of the number plates.

Liam is a safe pair of hands for the Ennis Rd. He will never rock the boat and will take whatever soup he is given.


A late goal from Kyle Hayes sees Kildimo/Pallaskenry pip Fr. Casey’s in the Junior Football Championship Semi-Final.

Into a County Final!! :ronnyroar:


When Alexander of Macedonia was 33, he cried salt tears because there were no more worlds to conquer.

Kyle Hayes is only 20


Beautifully put. From here on in I shall refer to the great man as ‘Kyle The Great’


Ah, he’s only in the final lad.
Also Alexander the great died in the end.


Everyone dies in the end


Informative rating.


You said that Junior B county was the place to be.


Great stuff mate. No way ye should be plodding around at junior A with the team ye have. Hard to keep a tilt going for both though.

Is Kyler much of a footballer?


He’s the best footballer in the country.


Which country?


THE country.