Limerick GAA - Guard of honour season


I watched limerick v Kilkenny last night with auld fella. Peter Casey’s little jink before swinging the ball over the bar for the equalisier is now my second favorite moment of the match behind duignan screaming for phantom frees for Kilkenny.



A cracking game … Was delighted for Duignan.


And the whole thing is swept under the carpet just like that

“I think procedure to deal with such an issue has been exhausted. The points that have been made in the letter and in good faith from the Ballysteen club will be brought to the attention of the secretary of the hearings committee for their consideration,” said the chairman.


This is unbelievable . A savage effort from Nicker here — they’ve seriously upped the ante.


We love being from Limerick :notes::musical_note::notes:


I believe he escaped on the basis that the referee reported him for being “third man in” and the video showed he was the 4th or 5th man.

It doesn’t take away from the fact that the offence took place and should have been punished.




Limerick have been completely shafted by the fixtures for next years munster hurling championships.



They are out to get us the cunts.


Everyone is happy for the underdog to win one. After that, they’re out to get you.


No more long grass for us to hide in.


As per the article it seems as if the committee viewed the incident from one bad angle and decided there was nothing in it. Yet the linesman who was only a few yards away was straight in to instruct the ref to send him off.

I’ve seen an alternative angle and while the actual blow is obstructed by a pole, he ran into it at speed and dropped the elbow. There was nothing in either video that warrants over ruling the linesman


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I thought they were making sure no team got 3 on the bounce? Has every other county avoided it?


If the video is obscured it’s all the more reason to stick with the referee’s report. By rule, the report is taken as fact in the absence of compelling evidence to the contrary.

Willie O’Meara is a big, hardy buck so it must have been some belt to injure him like that. This stinks to high heaven and I’d have a fair idea who was doing the wrangling to get him off.


Our selves and Clare are out the last 3 weeks in a row

1 Cork Tipperary w/e 12/5
1 Waterford Clare w/e 12/5
2 Limerick Cork w/e 19/5
2 Tipperary Waterford w/e 19/5
3 Waterford Limerick w/e 2/6
3 Clare Tipperary w/e 2/6
4 Limerick Clare w/e 9/6
4 Cork Waterford w/e 9/6
5 Clare Cork w/e 16/6
5 Tipperary Limerick w/e 16/6


The GAA is great for unnecessarily specific rules. The fact that he wasn’t literally the 3rd man into a brawl should have no bearing whatsoever.

That said he should have been reported for striking, which was the offence, but I think we can all draw our own conclusions as to why that didn’t happen.