Limerick GAA - Guard of honour season


Correct. Whether you’re 3rd, 4th or 30th in is irrelevant. The infraction is “contributing to a melee” which is a red card offence.


Sorry, I had to edit my post.

Looking at the fixtures below, Carlow are out four weeks in a row.

From The RTE website.

The championship will be run over six weeks next year, as opposed to the five weeks of action we witnessed last summer. It means that no county will play for than two weekends on the bounce.

2019 Leinster SHC fixtures

May 11/12: Galway v Carlow; Kilkenny v Dublin; Wexford idle
May 18/19: Carlow v Kilkenny; Dublin v Wexford; Galway idle
May 25/26: Galway v Wexford; Carlow v Dublin, Kilkenny idle
June 1/2: Carlow v Dublin; Galway v Kilkenny, Wexford idle
June 8/9: Wexford v Carlow; Kilkenny v Galway; Dublin idle
June 15/16: Wexford v Kilkenny; Dublin v Galway; Carlow idle


They sorted Tipp right out there the cunts.

Game, Game, Break, Game, bye Game
Game, Game, break, bye, Game, Game
Game, bye, break, Game, Game, Game
Game, Game, break, Game, Game, bye
Bye, Game, Break, Game, Game, Game

Clare and Limerick both shafted there with three in a row.
Tipp have the best of it, two to get going then two spaced out.
Cork & Waterford have a nice draw as well, two together, break then two together. Cork have a longer break which you could argue either way

Limerick will be playing Cork, fresh and they’ll have had a game.
Waterford after they’ve had two games and a break, and we’ll only have had one.
Clare will be in a similar boat to ourselves
And Tipp will be our third in a row after they’ve had a bye week.

Be at a disadvantage versus Cork and Tipp.


The tweet for the Clare fixtures says the date for game 3 is yet to be confirmed.


Make more sense to move that round forward a week. Then no one will have three in a row


Our two away trips will probably be to thurles this year. Boring.


Round 3 – weekend 26th May or weekend 2nd June
Clare v Tipperary

Tipp would have three in a row then would they?


Why didnt they just spread it out 2 weeks more in total - ffs.


Dont worry

The B team that gave us the hardest matches last year will play v Clare at home


They have Tipp well look after next year. Obviously would rather if we had our bye in the middle of our group games not much of an advantage at the start.
Our last game against Tipp will be our third week in a row, whereas Tipp wouldn’t have played for two weeks. We will be up against it, we all saw what happened in Ennis when it was our third week in a row. Looking forward to it already.




They don’t need to, they just need to not have a weekend “off” and spread the games out so that there’s only one some weekends.


Tipp well looked after here. They’ll be preparing for a fortnight for us with a good rest. If they don’t bate us in their own back yard after that tis all equal


It’s fucking dick acting to take the rule literally like that. The third man should be interpreted to mean anyone after the first two, like the “third person”. It’s a twisted interpretation that goes against the clear intention of the rule.


It certainly goes against the spirit of the law, but not the letter. I suppose their hands were tied once the referees report was fudged


They had to work hard to find an interpretaion that goes against the clear intention/spirit of it. It’s pathetic that they could stand over that with a straight face.


At the very, very least I hope WOM isn’t out of pocket for his medical expenses here. Fairly disgraceful unprovoked assault is what it is.

Really hope Adare win the final now. Unreal brass neck to appeal.


Speaks volumes about the type of cunt your dealing with here that your hoping adare win a game.


Wouldn’t be the worst thing if Croom lowered the blade in the hurling this weekend.


Bit of a disaster playing three weeks in a row next June but swings and roundabouts - Tipp had four weeks in a row this year to be fair.

That Cork game first up is must win. I’d hope it would be close to a sell out. Cork v Tipp the week before and I’m not sure what result would suit us best there.