Limerick GAA - Guard of honour season


Win all our home games and beat Waterford should be enough. If we can’t do that then we shouldn’t be in the top 3


We’ll be qualified by then. Dead rubber.


We might throw that one altogether, avoid that Munster final malarkey


Throw them a bone.


The huge advantage cork will have is a game under their belt.


The disadvantage they’ll have is we are going to walk all over the cunts


JP & Mrs McManus getting a mention and all. Lovely.


Is there a possibility of a lost weekend with the weather ?


When it comes down to it, on the big day, you’d bate this Cork side with your cap.


Limerick will struggle next year. The 21s never backed up and neither have nap who over the past few years have been the best side in limerick. What I hope is we hit the ground running in the league. Come into the cork game hopping win, pick up two more wins and hopefully finish 3rd again. With maybe a feeder team before a q/f. Whatever way it works it’s goinf to be tough.


Should be ok for Saturday i’d say


When are season tickets on sale


You cant bate the oul gaa


Already on sale.


Jesus I hope not.


I don’t think we are to get it too bad at all mate. A drop of rain and a bit of wind. Few coastal places will get a strong breeze alright.


We won’t get out of Munster next year.

We’ll win the All-Ireland in 2020 though.


I’ll cancel the flare order so.


Flare away kid. Stock up on 'em for the Clare game.


I think there’s potentially a lot of improvement in this time. You’ll still have ferocious competition for places, if anyone is resting on their laurels, there should be fellas chomping at the bit to come in. Obviously Kiely will have to be ruthless.