Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


FWIW I can see Dowling coming on when the dust has settled and the game is there to be won and having a huge impact, I just think Flanagan is a better option for the first 50 minutes or so when harassing, work rate, making the diagonal runs he was all league etc are needed more


You neglected to mention the biggest difference between them, which is Flanagan’s savage work rate in putting Defenders under pressure and constant movement off the ball, which Dowling simply can’t do. Anyway, hoping Flanagan has a super 50 minutes or so and Shane can come in to see us home then with the impact he can make


Casey is in line to return in 2 weeks time.


Hopefully he’ll run that cunt Flanagan off the panel entirely


With the new format no team will have their best 15 starting all 4 games with lots of injuries and a fair few suspensions too.


Fair point but all the more reason to win your first game especially at homr


I said back in March that those with the best panels will be ones to progress we are getting a bit hung up on who’s starting or not 20 lads will need to contribute in every game


The difference isn’t workrate, Dowling works hard. The difference is athleticism, Flanagan has way more pace and a turn on him.


I’d say the place will go mental next week, there’s genuine optimism mixed with the typical insanity of the limerick posters, then you have the situation with the most talked about hurler on TFK, it’s gonna be brilliant :cowboy_hat_face:


His involvement in Gillane’s second goal against Clare too. Great harrying by Murphy (who again, will desperately unlucky not to start); came to Morrissey. Morrissey’s pass to Flanagan was superb, but his run in behind the defence was class… look at the replays, there’s two Clare backs looking at him like dummies. And then obviously the pass (& a class, class finish).

But he’s a deadly forward too; certainly one of the most natural scoretakers in the county; and our top scorer from play from our three worthwhile games in the League:

Seamus Flanagan 0-9
Aaron Gillane 2-1
Kyle Hayes 1-3
Graeme Mulcahy 1-3
Gearoid Hegarty 0-5
Pat Ryan 1-2
Cian Lynch 0-4

Obviously Gillane banged over lots of frees, and the players winning those frees is as good as a score. Don’t have that to hand but Flanagan is a nightmare to mark, I’d say he won a fair share.


I saw a few young ones asking Cian Lynch for photos last night in the Stables. Box Office!!




That’s the job.

Kiely sent him in there to boost his confidence for Sunday week and good practice for after match pitch photos.
Genius out of Kiely.


I would far from call him a deadly forward. I would actually say it is his biggest problem as with Murphy and to a lesser extent Lynch, they look to pass rather than take their own score. In a year or two with a bit of maturity there will be regular semi finals and finals with this batch, no doubt.


I think he has huge potential. His strength, eye for a great pass (example being Kyle Hayes point v Tipp in the league SF), that was a beautiful ball right into the hand, how he runs all the time, always out in front of his marker, and most importantly he can give and take a flake. Only thing he needs to brush up on his accuracy under pressure.

I think himself and Gillane have had great league campaigns and both are well able for senior inter county hurling based off the 3 big games we had.

2 great finds in the league, crucial for Limerick who always struggle with having a good enough spread of scoring forwards.


I always thought that about him, but I don’t think that’s been the case this year at senior really. Was evident for the 21s alright, but was playing deeper.

Our top scorer from play in the meaningful matches in the League, and I would hazard a guess that his shooting accuracy is way above the majority of our players. We’ve hit some septic wides.


I don’t know the ins and outs of it. He’s just leaving to try something new. He’s at it all his life, probably got sick of it.


Why do you suggest there will be a fair few suspensions during the round robin group stage in Munster? Red cards have become a bit of a rarity really nowadays compared to the halcyon olden days.


Yep and injuries are a thing of the past really too.


Who was the last limerick hurler sent off in a Munster championship game ???