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I had a dream last night the ball was thrown in, Lynch gathered it, launched it high into Flanagan, he rose highest, came down with the ball, buried Paudie maher and stuck the ball into the roof of the net.


Converting chances is vital we can’t be as wasteful as we were during the league but t that said WE WILL WIN


we have to go for them and be ruthless if we get a sniff, which we haven’t seemed to be doing. our accuracy has been a concern with point taking but if the HF get a turn which they are capable of, they need runners and look for the pass.


This thread will be hopping on Saturday night!


Paudie Maher full back🤔defo a dream but we’ll take it if it happens


Not a chance that this thread will still be open by Saturday night :wink:



The earlier posts of Dowling v Flanagan were misguided in my opinion. Dowlings competition for a start in the championship is now Gillane. And Gillane is ahead of him for Tipp based off this years league performances.

Who partners Cian Lynch in midfield is more important I reckon.


Gillane is 100% starting and a lot safer in his role than Flanagan I’d say
A serious contender for young hurler of the year if he can stay out of injury trouble


it will be browne. DOD though for me is the man


I hope his ankle is fully healed up. Heard varying reports from his Patrickswell club games.

Need him at full health.


Gillane isn’t eligible for young hurler of the year.


It’s my own award mate


A combination of WOD and Cian Lynch wouldnt be the worst either. WoD might not have the hurling though yet.

Will be Browne, only worry is his form has been patchy for awhile now. Great fella though, and I agree he’ll most likely start.


When would you estimate WOD will have the Hurling?!


He needs to lose a few inches, he’s too tall


Never. He’s just a decent club player.


Limerick lads trying desperately to remain relevant before next Sunday’s grand annual thrashing at the hands of Tipperary.


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